Slow-Roasted Pork Belly – Gordon Ramsay

Slow-roasting really locks in the flavours, and the end result will be a delicious crispy delight perfect to share with family and friends.

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  1. Kyle Robinson

    my mouth is watering

  2. john nicholls

    i want this bastards kitchen XD

  3. mrdougy fresh (fresh)

    Omg mouth is watering! I'm gonna make me some pork belly the way my favorite chef showed.

  4. Christina Shao

    I wonder if he has a youtube play button…

  5. Man in Tidy Whities

    That is one amazing full size bacon

  6. I like this. Anyone know how I can modify this recipe to make crispy crackling? Can I just put in the over afterwards until I get crispy skin?

  7. Miss Modesto

    Gordon Ramsay is an evil genious.

  8. xenabieber123

    My only criticism… could zoom in more

  9. Wilson Leonardy

    is it in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

  10. patricia Brooks

    Awesome  the great "something different" I was looking for! You rock Gordon Ramsay!!

  11. I dont eat pork but i enjoy this

  12. That crackle was as crispy as a wet tea bag………. terrible crackle but a lovely braise.

  13. picklemenickle

    Naaa not crispy enough that crackling…

  14. invalidusername

    i want eat dis

  15. thanks for the recipe.
    180'c or 180"f ?

  16. When he gives a temperature to cook at is the Fahrenheit or Celsius

  17. Henrik Steffens

    In Norway, where this dish is a traditional Christmas eve meal, this would require another hour of working with the crackles, which is regarded as the proof of success. You place the the meat again close under the top of oven at maximum heat, or using grill element, or hot air, whilst each square crackle pop up, carefully covering those parts which are well done to avoid burning. When all the crackles present an equal surface of crisp crackles, then you are done. These crackles taste wonderful, and I am sorry to say that Gordon Ramsay´s version could be much improved. Henrik Steffens, Oslo

  18. GamleErik100

    Reminds of Norwegian "ribbe", which we eat at xmas time, but the rib bones are included too.

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