Simplified Recipe • Super Crispy Pork Belly 脆皮烧肉 Airfryer/ Oven • Chinese Roasted Pork

Simplified Recipe • Super Crispy Pork Belly 脆皮烧肉 Airfryer/ Oven • Chinese Roasted Pork

Roland can always achieve extremely crispy and light roasted pork with this recipe. This is our second crispy pork belly video following the first one we did almost 1 year ago. Only this time round, to make it simple, Roland omitted the use of fermented beancurd because some of you cannot get hold of it.

See the ingredient list below for your easy reference.

Before we go on, we would like to give special thanks to La Gourmet for letting us try their super good and durable cast iron wok as well as their stock pot. If you are getting a cast iron wok, too, please remember to treat the wok first before using. Here’s how we treated ours:

If you like to buy La Gourmet wok and pot, head up to Robinsons, Tangs, Metro, Takashimaya, OG, BHG etc in Singapore to get one for yourself or your loved ones. Those staying in Malaysia can also get the pan from most leading departmental stores in the country.

Hope you can recreate this easy recipe in the comfort of your home. Thanks for dropping by our channel.

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Serves 3 or 4

450g of pork belly
Five spice marinade – see below
0.5 teaspoon of baking soda
3.5 teaspoons of coarse sea salt
Some cooking oil

Five Spice Marinade
4 tablespoons of Chinese white rice wine
2 teaspoons of salt
1.5 teaspoons of five spice powder
A few dashes of white pepper

Bake at 180C for 25 mins
Followed by 200C for 8 mins

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