School Lunches You’ve Probably Never Heard About

Here’s what school lunches around the world look like. Meals for kids in different countries are truly amazing and surprising!
Every country has its standards for school meals. Some schools offer convenience food and snacks for lunch, and some cook set meals for students.
What do you think the most popular ingredients of school lunches are? Well, how about octopus, kimchi, or chili?
Are you curious what kids eat in South Korea? What they prefer in Turkey? Some of those lunches are quite unusual. Watch and try to find your childhood meals!

South Korea 0:41
Japan 1:23
Turkey 1:55
Thailand 2:28
France 2:59
Finland 3:28
Russia 4:08
Hungary 4:34
Israel 4:53
Colombia 5:25
Italy 5:55
Australia 6:37
Chile 7:11

– The system of planning school meals in South Korea is one of the best in the world. Lunches are served on special trays. The two biggest sections of the tray are usually for soup and rice. Smaller sections are for salads, seafood, veggies, and fruit.
– Japanese school lunches are almost the same as the South Korean ones: hot soup, rice, poultry or fish, salad, and milk. Students are not allowed to bring their food with them until they reach high school.
– It’s interesting that, though children in Turkey have 1 hour for lunch, cafeterias are rare in this country. So students either go home for lunch (which might be hard to do if you live on the other side of the town!) or take food from home.
– Students in Thailand don’t eat in the canteen, just like their “colleagues” from Japan. They are usually given soup, pork in sweet and sour sauce, rice, and a pudding wrapped in banana leaves.
– Typical lunch served in the west of France looks very healthy. It is fish, spinach, potatoes, cheese, and bread. It is quite big as the French consider lunch the main meal of the day.
– Finland takes school lunches very seriously. Every student is offered snacks during the morning and evening classes, as well as lunch. Children eat their lunches in a canteen where they can choose whatever they want from a large variety of dishes.
– In Russia, students can have free breakfast from 9 a.m. till 12 p.m. Lunches after 12 p.m. are paid. Children sometimes have lunch at home if they live near the school. If it is a school lunch, it is usually soup, fish or meat with a side dish of rice or buckwheat, and compote.
– Hungary is famous for its big portions in restaurants and cafes. Same goes for school lunches. Children have several courses, with, for example, noodle soup, baked beans with chicken, and nuts for dessert.
– Israel schools have the policy of a healthy diet. The government banned fatty and sugary things from school lunches. But the thing is that children mostly bring their meals from home.
– 60-70% of children in Colombia are given free nutritious lunches. Students of state schools eat one hot meal a day. Their typical meal consists of soup, rice or pasta, salad, meat, and fruit juice.
– Before lunch, in the morning, children get snacks (crackers, breadsticks, fresh fruit, or homemade cookies). For lunch they get two courses: a first course is often pasta or rice with seafood or vegetables, a second course – fish, meat, or cheese.
– Authorities in Australia fight against children’s obesity. That’s why products rich in sugar, salt, and fat are forced out of school menu. But you can find their healthier replacements such as sandwiches, sushi, corn and fruit available at any time.
– Students in Chile have nice and varied lunches. An example can be a meal with rice, beef roll, French fries, salad, avocado, orange juice, and fruit in the sauce for dessert.

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  1. bower OFFICIAL

    I am from Poland but i dont eat school lunches cause i buy food in The school shop

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    I live in the Netherlands we have 15 minutes for lunch and eet 1 πŸ₯ͺ with chocolate sprinkels or cheese πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

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    4 Wheat breads with pickle
    Tipicle Indian meal in school

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  8. Pelacaan Gaming

    This is so wrong I live and go to school in Australia and we do not buy our main lunches at the canteen you bring your own and you can buy something from the canteen but it’s like burgers wedges and sushi

  9. Franz Arvel Caole

    One like you the bigger chances to have your school change your lunches to thease

  10. In hungary you have 20 minutes to eat, you can’t choose your meals and its so unhealty, that most kids don’t even eat it cause its basically a plate full of trash with hair in it
    (Btw sorry for my english)

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  12. Any other Aussies out there that don't eat at a canteen coz we eat in an auditorium

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  14. Just saying but most schools in Australia have the kids bring their own lunches but we do have tuck shops to buy food from.

  15. Gold Bloom of the Year

    Some shools in singapore sell ice cream for only 20 cents !

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    2:28 yes!!!! my home!

  17. Chinese schools are big and sometimes you stay until 8'o clock so the school provides free lunch.

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