School Lunches from Around the World Make American Students Want to Study Abroad

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Everyone from teachers to medical professionals say that kids who eat a nutritious school lunch not only have less trouble focusing in class, they also carry over their good eating habits into adulthood. So how healthy are America’s school lunches, compared to the international competition? According to sweetgreen, the United States falls somewhat short.

9. USA
The National School Lunch Program is designed to provide kids with low-cost, nutritionally balanced meals based on guidelines from the USDA. Of course, the prohibitive size of the United States means that when the lunches finally end up in front of the kids, they look like this.

8. Spain
Spanish school children are actually given shrimp as part of the state’s school lunch program. Something that would never make an appearance in an American lunch, followed by a side dish of peppers, gazpacho, and a seeded roll. There’s also half an orange for dessert.

7. Ukraine
Even in Ukraine, the kids are given a lunch that looks far fresher than the American example. In addition to some sausage and mashers, kids are given a cup of borscht, pickled cabbage, and a sweet pancake for dessert. It’s still better-looking than USA’s chicken nuggets.

6. Greece
Greek school kids eat a meal of fresh baked chicken on a bed of orzo. On the side, they’re given a cucumber and tomato salad, stuffed grape leaves, a yogurt with pomegranate seeds. For dessert, they’re given two cute, little oranges with the leaves still attached.

5. South Korea
South Korean school kids are able to enjoy a meal that’s heavily based on rice and cabbage. In addition, the children are given fresh peppers and steamed broccoli as well as a steaming cup of fish soup and green onions.

4. Brazil
Brazilian students might just have the most delicious school lunches on the planet. A main course of rice and black beans is coupled with pork, peppers and coriander. On the side, they’re given green salad and a seeded roll with baked plantains for dessert.

3. France
In France, the kids are given a little feast that would run good money at a nice restaurant in the States. In addition to a slice of rare steak, seasoned carrots, and green beans, French school children are actually given a nice chunk of brie for lunch. That decadent flavor is complemented with fresh fruit for dessert.

2. Finland
The schools in Finland skew vegetable heavy. The children are looking at a delicious pea soup, a crusty roll, seasoned carrots, and beetroot salad. Once they’ve plowed through the beets, they can turn their attention to a sweet pancake and berries

1. Italy
It’d almost be a national embarrassment if Italian school children weren’t fed a mouth-watering meal, right? Pasta with fish, two kinds of salad including one beautiful-looking caprese, a bread roll, and fresh grapes for desert.

What School Dinners are served in your country?
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  1. Jeffrey Rinaldo

    This video : thess are the top 10
    India : alright , u are in coma

  2. Elou 90's Kid

    We don't have school lunches in Greece.

  3. Moondance2004

    The American lunch they're using for example actually looks 100x better than what I get at my schools. I live in California. We don't get 'dessert' and usually the chicken nuggets (our lord and savior) are only served on the last friday of the month, if they are served. My school had actually been short on meals before the Covid outbreak and consisted of one appetizer (chicken sandwich with nothing but a breaded chicken and bun, fake chinese food, or the day's 'special'), some type of fruit, one small milk carton, and then chips if we were extremely lucky. However, we usually bought from the student store our real lunches which were actually cookies, chips, slushies, and juice which were about a dollar or so each. And people wonder why kids are either fat or malnourished.

  4. Korean school lunch is not like that …😂

  5. Vicious Queen

    i think those weird prison plates only exist in american schools, never seen them in my home country

  6. I want South Korea

  7. I rather pack instead in Ohio we have fake food I just want a good chicken ramen tray instead of them being like Oh since ur skinny let's give you 0 fat food and they always give on a breadstick as the main course like who cares not many fat people are here in Ohio -.-

  8. Jonathan Morataya

    It's funny. As an American I wish our school lunches were just like the rest of the world's. I envied all those fresh ingredients. Meanwhile all the kids today in other countries want what I was fed in school. Pizza, French fries and cheeseburgers.

  9. Sangeeta Sharma

    What about Indian food?

  10. 1104김민서

    Okay.. I am a student in South Korea and I see a lot of people saying that the meal in this video of South Korea school is fake.
    Trust me, I lived in South Korea 6 yrs as a student and they DO give what is in that video. AND it's even better. just normal public schools give us free meals with organic vegetables, rice(often with barley), soup(with tofu, beef, seafood and etc.), desserts(most of the times fruit like apples, oranges, bananas, melon or watermelon and sometimes pretzels, cocoa, coconut jellies, frozen mangoes, rarely on special occasions like graduation we have cake), and diverse food. Once or twice in a week we get to eat traditional food from other nations such as spaghetti, udon, taco
    Korean students basically go to school to have lunch, no joking. We always just stare into the menu of the day notice on the bulletin board.
    Also for primary schools there's a child care center which children from grade one to three can go to afterschool. And they give us fresh fruit mix.
    I still go to Korean school here in Korea and the only reason why school is exciting everyday is because of school lunch.

  11. Jennies Left eyebrow

    After seeing the Usa's meals I think that i rather stay it Korea no offense
    I cant eat fish so I get Kimchi Jjigae
    I guess it's different too because I go to highschool

  12. I live in Finland and I think that most of the finnish school food is healty, tasty, and good quality, but I have never had bancakes for a lunch.(I'm in 9 grade)
    Many of my class mates prefer to go to McDonalds instead of eating a school food, which makes literally no sense, because the school food is way better.
    Unlike America, we always have a fresh and healty food in a school even tho it's low budjet too.
    By the way, we eat from the plates.
    I think you pulled the finnish lunch from a hat, because it makes no sense.
    You deserve this🏅, if you read this far.

    Edit: United states of America is one of the richest countries in the world, but their school food looks discusting.
    Edit 2: Don't blame me for my Grammarly. I'm not a native speaker.

  13. you forgot japan

  14. To those American dudes that brag about their country.

  15. France ❤️

  16. They said I’m 9 Spain, the half a lemon is now an orange.

  17. Loganathan Army

    I live in india they give many curries such as nan and pea curry and pickle and spices

  18. They also have a orange shows a lemon

  19. Arjhay Mella

    Bakit walang rice??

  20. Nadine Esterhuizen

    South Africa : Nothing !!!!