SBS “Feast: Brazilian Football Lunch” — Food Lovers’ Guide to Australia — Episode 7

(Filmed in 2003, dated on SBS website in 2008)

A group of Brazilians have been meeting to play football every Sunday for 28 (40) years, followed by a post-match feast.

The players — the Centennial Park Canarinhos (Canaries) – are now legendary, so much so that the ground, in Sydney’s Centennial Park, is now officially known as the “Brazilian Field”. (Dickens Drive, Field No. 7)

Also legendary are the after-game parties. Former soccer professional Nélio Borges and keen cook Gelcimar Freire often lend a hand in preparing dishes for lunch — including the regional seafood dish known as Moqueca Capixaba, the national comfort food — pork and black beans or Feijoada – plus, of course, a true Brazilian Caipirinha.

The Moqueca is a traditional dish from Espirito Santo state in Brazil, where Gelcimar is from…
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