Salad Recipes – How to Make Beet Salad

Get the 5-star recipe for BrandyLoveWine’s Ukrainian Salat Vinaigrette Beet Salad at

Watch how to put together this lightly-seasoned salad that makes the mild flavor of beets really shine! This popular Ukrainian salad goes great with meat and poultry dishes (especially Chicken Kyiv) with a side of mashed potatoes.

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  1. Barbara Wasilak

    instead of cooking beets; try to bake them wrapped in an aluminum foil; much taster:):)

  2. Beautiful colors and delicious

  3. i dont know where is from information about Vinaigrette being Ukrainian Salad. Its traditionally Russian dish with French name  & originally came from Germany or Scandinavia. Yes it was popular in USSR but it doesnt make it just ukranian food. Salmagundi – one of variations with beets goes way before Vinaigrette.

  4. Canned peas? just use frozen, they will thaw by the time you are read to eat..  Use tender beet tops cut in a chiffonade instead of parley, and use sour cream mixed with pickle juice to dress.  And lot of dill, if it is beautiful and you have it!  Could also use hard boiled eggs on the side and forget about the chicken or ham.  Lots of shredded cabbage and diced chicken and you could call this Borscht Salad.

  5. raquel massanet

    Those carrots look terrible. I would steam them in another pot with some frozen peas. The peas only need to be defrosted, so they do not need as long as the carrots. Everything else looked great.

  6. There is a red onion in Ukraine that is sweeter and more squat shaped than the rounds ones in the US. I would use a red onion, perhaps dicing it and soaking it in water for 30 minutes then draining and adding to the salad.

  7. Will the potatoes cook in 10 min then left overnight?

  8. Fernando Lopez

    I rather roast the vegetables than boiling them.  they come out juicier and without the "the wet texture."

  9. November Moon

    This looks nasty. 

  10. Uncle Crud O'Matic

    What, exactly, is WRONG with mayo?

  11. Yummmeed to try this! 

  12. ugh…why do you have to be so slow and delicate with your movements in all these videos?? its so annoying!

  13. Hakuna Matata

    That would have been must healthier and i think much tastier as a soup.All the nutritions  are in the water you didn't use

  14. It would be better to steam veggies.
    Also you can add some vinegar.

  15. kokoro nagomu

    this looks really great! — i ferment my own pickles, beets and carrots so i think next time i do i will ferment the carrots and beets either diced or grated so i will be able to make this without needing to cook them (only have to cook the potatoes) and depending on what spices i use to ferment everything with… hmmm…

  16. This looks great

  17. John Karavitis

    Sauerkraut would be overkill.  I recommend a heaping dollop of sour cream.  Done and done.

    John V. Karavitis

  18. My mom dont add raw onion neither the parsley but she add coleslaw instead (the russian one) and its delish!!

  19. Terrence Nicholson

    there are few edible things more vile than canned peas.

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