Roasted Chicken with an Easy Ratatouille Recipe – From the Test Kitchen

Roasted Chicken with an Easy Ratatouille Recipe - From the Test Kitchen

Martha Stewart Collection Saute Pan

Ratatouille is a traditional French dish made from a mix of seasonal summer ingredients. When combined with chicken breasts it is the ultimate in summer one-pot dinners.

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  1. Mary-Jo Zilveti

    Wow! Wonderful recipe. I love ratatouille. And now with chicken and thyme, it looks perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wendy Cooper

    I don't know with certainty whether my pans are oven proof. Is there a sign on the pan or do I have to research this?

  3. Looks sooo good. Can't wait to try the recipe.

  4. Eileen LeValley

    This guy scares me……..

  5. Christopher Gomez

    I love that Greg uses a spurtle in this video! Other than Lucinda, haven't seen anyone else from MSLO use them.  I would have thought LSQ would have converted the whole lot by now.

  6. DeathAngleZoe

    He's so nice! 

  7. Can you make a easy classic chicken stew video? Thank you.

  8. Nursen Nursen

    delicious. the oven should be set to 165 degrees. do you mean celsius or fahrenheit? (I would guess celsius, but I am not sure as in the US usually the temperature data differs from the data in europe)

  9. My new Sunday dinner recipe. Gracias

  10. ManUtdForever

    That looks fantastic!

  11. awesome quick and simple recipe!

  12. Love this chef!

  13. alqia mirzan


  14. that's a summer winner!  thanks so much!

  15. Love this recipe…….thanks test kitchen !

  16. loservillect

    I wonder where they got that spatula. I want something like that

  17. HeyLookItsAmy

    This looks amazing. Just the recipe I was looking for, for a nice comforting dinner

  18. Stuart Safford

    Finally I get to see someone make Ratatouille.

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