Roasted Chicken and Potato Bake – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Ep 199

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  1. i am making this right now. Will let you know how it turns far, just the prep smelled so freaking awesome!

  2. chuckie hien

    Yes please

  3. Latai Faleofa

    Who cares if you Dont like her ,she is doing a great job teaching us how to cook thank you so much 

  4. 450 degrees for 1 hour to 1 hour and 10 mins

  5. The potatos for some reason got stuck to the pan, even though I put oil on it. Other than that, it was delicious thank you for the recipe!

  6. Nice! I wish I would have watched your video an hour before I started cooking my chicken dish lol
    I will definitely be making this dish sometime soon !! It was fast and easy exactly what I love for a family of 6!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  7. Andrea Garcia

    What can I use instead of Rosemary ?

  8. Can I use thighs?

  9. senait habet

    I like the food but I dont like her 

  10. J.Isabel “Isabel” M

    Yummy. I used chipotle Mrs dash with new Orleans season and it was great. Love the chicken.

  11. aerie yoneyama

    This is my go to dinner recipe & my family love it! Like you said really easy & simple to put together & really delish! 

  12. This lady speaks with

  13. for my today dinner… thank you ^_^



  15. I'm alright at cooking, I suck at shopping..  I always end up going through these videos and not have one or two ingredients so I can't make it.

    I think the problem is I go shopping when I'm hungry

  16. heavenlystar33

    Making this now! !!

  17. RayGene Hayes

    Making this now but added carrots.  Thanks.

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