Rio’s OYSTER MAN + Brazilian Seafood Claypot Fish in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Rio’s OYSTER MAN + Brazilian Seafood Claypot Fish in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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One of the most amazing things about Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is the unbelievable natural beauty of the city – there are stunning jungles and beaches right within the city. Today we went on a short hike to the famous Telegraph rock, and then ate an incredible Brazilian seafood meal. #Brazil #RiodeJaneiro #food

Oysters – It was about an hour drive from the center of Rio, and we arrived to the oyster man – a little stall where a man has been selling oysters since Guilherme was a child. His oysters were small, but they were flavorful, with just a squeeze of lime. Perfect way to begin this Brazilian food day. Price – 12 for 10 BRL (.50)

Pedra Do Telégrafo – We then drove to a small beach town and climbed up the hill to a point known as Pedra Do Telégrafo, or Telegraph rock. It’s most famou now because of social media, and people take a photo in a way that it looks like they are dangling from a rock cliff. The views are spectacular and well worth climbing when you’re in Rio.

Gugut Restaurante – Located in Vargem Grande neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, we met up with Marcelo to eat a massive Brazilian seafood meal, especially dishes from the Espirito Santo state of Brazil.

Moqueca – There are two versions of this amazing dish, a fish stew, one from Espirito Santo and the other from Bahia (stay tuned for Bahia coming soon). He added in tomatoes, onions, and cilantro, followed by fish. It was simple but delicious, relying on the fresh fish to really made it special. Gugut Restaurant is not cheap, but they serve top notch seafood, great quality, and very fresh. All the food was delicious. Total price – 400 BRL (0.32)

And that completes this Brazilian seafood and hike in Rio de Janeiro, another wonderful day in Brazil.

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