Rhoda Makes Perfect Pork Tenderloin | Epicurious

Rhoda Boone shows us how to grill the perfect pork tenderloin!

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Rhoda Makes Perfect Pork Tenderloin | Epicurious
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  1. Shayne knight

    Stan Rhoda

  2. Abhinav Uppal

    We need to see more of Rhoda's wholesomeness back in the BA test kitchen too

  3. Scott Crosby

    Rhoda is stunning

  4. Who is here for the new body marker by pork tenderloin?

  5. @2:31 some of the brown bits are burnt pepper and other spices you added…..lol yum…burnt bits…

  6. another thing is that I don't put anything on it before searing except salt, brown sugar.. as pepper.. and other spices like to burn So after I sear it.. I give it a dry rub and let it sit for 10 to 15 mins so it will suck in all the spices …and I also ( sear it to help seal in the juices) 🙂 <– if that's not just a myth.. but I do it for my own sake I guess….

  7. for cast iron and it's well seasoned… I like it because it can go from the stove to oven.. stainless is finicky for stuff sticking to it if it's not at a perfect temp… love you recipe… made it and loved it.. just added some Rosemary and some fresh spring onion….with a touch of dill and ginger… Pork loves rosemary and ginger..

  8. Chocobirds Are tight

    Do you let it rest an hour at room temp before cooking or straight from fridge is fine?

  9. "lean is healthy"…..then adds sugar 😂

  10. Great recipe and great presentation! Thank you.

  11. Kevin Jameson

    Perfect….. NOT Sous Vide….. I don't think so Tim….

  12. Love the attention to detail, using kosher salt with pork. – I'm joking, I'm going to follow this technique at home.

  13. Was it tender ??

  14. I didn't use the brown sugar because I am diabetic but the recipe otherwise was good.

  15. Thomas Wright

    Who gave pam from the office a cooking show??

  16. steven Lamar

    She's beautiful

  17. Dinka Boutit

    If you want your sauce to be a sauce, reduce the wine by 1/2. Better yet, use half that much wine, make up the difference with stock and reduce by 1/2.

  18. Philip Jacques

    Ur farts are gonna smell real bad

  19. botson catson

    Thank you!

  20. Charles Medlin

    Thanks for your help!!!