Recipe for a Pork Loin Roast with Potatoes & Carrots in my Cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker

Everything I have made in my 8 quart Cook’s Essentials Pressure Cooker has been amazing but this 5 pound Pork Loin Roast was the best yet. It was so moist and juicy and the potatoes and carrots absorbed the spices from the rub…oh my gosh, it was heavenly.
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  1. Paula Johnson

    Fat should be left on the roast until cooking is finished, then cut off and poured out after that if you don't want it. It would have moistened and seasoned the meat which looks very dry. A common problem with pork loin roasts.

  2. Roberta Christeen

    some put your hands in front of the knife and cut towards your hand awesome and not wear any gloves even better

  3. Great recipe gonna make tonight. Thanks You Debbie this is exactly what I was looking for.

  4. Hi, Me again!! Thanks to the recipe for the Chicken Enchilada Cornbread Pot Pie recipe in Eric's cookbook and it said to put 1 C dried Pinto Beans covered with 1 inch of water in the PC and push the "Bean" button, I tried it in my 6 qt Instant Pot and it worked so great!! The beans were done to perfection!! I used my 4 qt. Cooks Essentials on New Year's Day and cooked some dried Black Eye Peas and I was so happy with the results!! Believe me, Debbie, gone are the days of overnight soaking and all that nonsense because when it comes to having a pot of beans I can have it done in less than an hour now!!!!!!!!!

  5. Happy New Year!! Thanks so much for this video and recipe!! I have a 4 lb. pork loin in my freezer and I just received a Techniques (Cook's Essentials) 6.5qt. digital oval pressure cooker from an eBay seller and I can't wait to try out your recipe!! Since my cooker is oval I won't have to cut the loin in half like you did so it fit in your cooker. I'm thinking I may add celery or fennel to the pot to give the pork loin an Italian flavor!! Anyway, Thanks, I'm so glad I found this video because it gave me a great idea as to how to cook that 4 lb. chunk of meat I'm gonna thaw out in a couple days!!!!!

  6. Anti Establishment

    That's a pretty HUGE pork tenderloin…lol

  7. Anti Establishment

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong but my pressures cooked meat doesn't have much flavor.

  8. People like this should never post. She has dangerous knife skills. Not to mention she isn't clear on what cut of pork she has in front of her. It is a BNLS pork loin. NOT a pork tenderloin. Time to pitch the "onion powder" looks like her crack stash.

  9. bobby redondo


  10. I'm going to try this one. Thanks for sharing. But I noticed their was a bruise spot on the meat. What does that mean? I always get rid of that part. But I have to say I've only assumed that it was not good to eat. It doesn't happen that often.

  11. Thanks I will try this tomorrow in my Pressure cooker XL

  12. Thank you for the pressure cooker recipes, they are great ideas. I love my pressure cooker. My challenge to you ๐Ÿ™‚ some kind of bean soup, or potato soup. (so I can see how to do it.LOL) I love pork roast like that. I use a quarter cup apple cider vinegar in my cooking liquid. The flavor is incredible.

  13. Dave Sourwine

    And those aren'tTenderloins, It's a Roast! $40 In The Great White North LOL!!

  14. Dave Sourwine

    Looks Yummy, But my God what kind of Pension are You on! In Canada were lucky to get 2 small Tenderloins for $8-10, !ON SALE!!!!

  15. Wow what a wonderful meal Debbie. That last Kos fantastic. Those pressure cookers are fabulous.

  16. Sandra Martin

    Hmmmm! Looks delish!!

  17. Linda's Pantry