Quick dinner ideas! Raw vegan recipe! Three minute meal!

Quick dinner ideas! Raw vegan recipe! Three minute meal!

Good morning Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Google family! I’m SUPER excited to bring this video to all of you today! I have another AMAZING 3 minute salad for all of you! Enjoy, share and toss me a thumbs up, I read every comment you leave too!
Big zucchini kiss from my heart to yours!
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  1. Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (Joyful Vegan)

    Loved your video!

  2. Sean Gronbeck

    Best looking salad, ever! And, that dressing does it. Think I will be making this tomorrow. Keep up the great videos, thanks.

  3. I am transitioning to become a raw foodist. (I have been a vegan for about a year) I found that whatever I put together, it tastes great:) Just slice whatever is in the fridge and make a dressing in the blender using whatever else is left and voila! Great tasting food.

  4. Do not worry Andrea about the time,plesantly to watch you…

  5. Chris Bartley

    I think it would have been 3 minutes if you didn;t explain it. Great looking salad by the way.

  6. seaotter1975

    ok; confused.  If a tomato is a fruit because it has seeds (although the supreme courts ruled it a vegetable) wouldn't that also make squash/zucchini and okra a fruit?  They all have seeds.  I'm just asking because everyone always likes to comment on the tomato being fruit but never mention the other veggies with seeds.  

  7. LittleMissSunshineHA

    You are so pretty! And this recipe seems delicious!

  8. I'll admit that I would eat WHATEVER you place before me! GORGEOUS! 

  9. Hi Andrea
    Once again your the best….Thanks for the idea.. Quick question…Will the coconut meat give the dressing a mild coconut flavor or does it become hidden with the cilantro? Also can you do a video for great raw kids meals.. Thanks love your show!

  10. goldeneaglevideo

    Thanks for the great ideas! ∞

  11. Matthew Mackenzie Pifer

    I am so happy that you mentioned foods being good for whatever body part they resemble 🙂 that salad would be great with some walnuts(for your brain). I like vinegar and olive oil dressing with sea salt and oregano. I am definitely gonna get those black tomatoes. I love your recipe videos! <3

  12. Kristen Graham

    Loved this Andrea. I do the same with my salads. Its so creative. 

  13. JonasSunshine

    more like not wasting money by utilizing what gathered and not composting too much..  
    i'd avoid the radish mustard oils and the herb greens to not stimulate the kidneys
    and yellow squash gets gmo'd verify your source organic?
    ever?  (non absolutism helps believability)
    for a dressing i make either as you did acid fruit(way more for cal source) and fat , or sub acid / acid (again drowning as it's the calorie source).  

    seeing you apply hygiene 'hints' but you got freedom to take a harder stance  :)

  14. That looked like about 400-500 calories of coconut meat. When you got the dressing finished with the mint, would you be using all of the dressing on the salad? I know what you mean about too much fat and salt. I made a dressing this week that had a whole avocado and 2 pinches of salt – too much I discovered the next morning, very congesting. …Dunno what the stigma of walking away from the camera in the kitchen is. People move around their kitchen, no big deal. Move, turn, be yourself, it's OK 🙂 Just like being there.

  15. Balletcorpsex

    I love tahini dressing <3 and ahhh i need that peeler!! also do you shop at trader joes or whole foods?

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