Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas | Universal Recipe to Make Any Dish

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Wouldn’t you love to start cooking without a recipe? In this video, Olivia shows you the staple recipe ingredients and how easy it can be to change any one of them to make the dish work for you and your diet. If you are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan or have any other allergies/ restrictions this recipe can be COMPLETELY modified to work for you! Plus, with practice, you won’t even need to cook with recipes, as this process helps you to learn how to “throw things together” to make a lunch or dinner you love to eat! With this recipe, you’ll be on the road to getting healthy and finally start losing weight!!


  1. hi i just want to ask if we need to heat this up before eating if we're going to bring this to work/school. thanks!

  2. Feed Your Soul TV

    Cool Video! Check out my playlist for healthy cooking recipes if you get a moment! have a good day!

  3. Great core ideas for general dishes; love the combos that you used. Thank you for this video! Also don't listen to Ben Akey. Men generally aren't able to taste as finely as women, so they tend to go for super flavorful, super fatty foods and turn their noses up at very veggy/healthy salad type meals (in my own experience, anyway). I am also like this, so whenever I hear "husband-friendly" or something like that, it really attracts me to a dish. Thank you!!

  4. Ben Akey (LysersicElephant)

    I noticed you specified your husband might like this. Protip: Don't be a sexist and assume your audience is comprised of women solely because its a cooking show. 

  5. Steven Slastan

    Looks simple and yummy, I'm gonna try it this evenenig.

  6. If you have the recipe written out, post it along with the video on http://www.reddit.com/r/eatcheapandhealthy

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