Punjabi Dhaba Style Chicken Curry | Chicken Karahi Recipe

Punjabi Dhaba Style Chicken Curry | Punjabi Style Recipe | Chicken Karahi Recipe in Easy Steps
1= pack Chicken Drumsticks (4 lbs.)
1= Onion
4= Tomates
7= Green Chilles
1= good size Ginger (to taste)
7= Garlic Cloves
2 or 3 = Tbsp. Olive Oil
1= Tsp each (Cumin Seed / Turmeric Powder / Deggi Mirch / Black Pepper / Garam Masala / Salt)
2= Tbsp. Kasoori Methi (Fengureek Leaves)
1= Tsp Bay Leaves
1= cup Water
2= Tbsp. Tomato Ketchup
add Cilantro, mix it well. Serve and ENJOY!!!

Please cook and enjoy with your family/friends. Please share your experiences with me, I would like to hear from you, Thank You.

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  1. Stoney Josephine

    I just made this today! Holy cow its soooooo delicious! Its actually a very easy recipe, too. Thank you :)

  2. Looks mouth watering!


    lovely presentation. I will try this weekend. my mouth is watery looking at your recipe

  4. please say thania we are punjabi and not gora yanks

  5. Sunny Makode


  6. Tried and it came out well..Thank you.

  7. Holy shit… That looks so bloody awesome…pls share quantities man. I am dying to cook it

  8. Natasha Merchant

    Please can you teach more Punjabi style foods. Thank u 

  9. Natasha Merchant

    Very nice I Cooked it twice…I didnt have all the jngredients but it still tasted great. Shukriya 

  10. I tried and it turned out really tasty

  11. Debobroto Sen

    Ohh, I cooked it and it was really awesome and easy to cook. Thanks Sir jee!!

  12. Nosheen Ahmad

    Really yummmm…I like u sir

  13. Ahmed luxury


  14. Sat Sri Akal Paji, Your dishes look wonderful. If i ever come to stateside i will be looking for you!

  15. Chirag Shriwal

    sharabi chicken curry!! hahaha

  16. Rajinder Singh

    Demo is very nice. Thanks

  17. pardeep sanghu

    Really nice.I will cook for my family one day.

  18. Mayank Sangal

    nice guys.. good job.. going to definitely make this today your style

  19. Can I use chicken thighs?

  20. Punjabi Dhaba Style Chicken Curry in Easy Steps

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