Heres my Pulled Pork Burger, there are many pulled pork burgers out there but this is the Food Busker Pulled pork burger recipe. Tell me what you think of my pulled pork burger in the comments below
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  1. 10 any time any date

  2. That looked amazing dont u worry

  3. Great story telling and BGM.

  4. Bullshit, the first time he doesn't massively overestimate the value of his food and people lowball him. Now if he can just take off his ring or even wear gloves before handling the food and stop talking over it getting his saliva on it he be onto a winner.

  5. Incorporating crackling in sauce ?! man you are genius!

  6. thαΊΏ việt phαΊ‘m

    He lost 8 hours for that pork and that couple only pay 6 pounds ? Wtf

  7. How much apple cider vinegar is in the basting juice?

  8. Katie Love Hue TV

    maybe my aunt should make this

  9. Trevor Philips

    It doesn't have a patty

  10. Trevor Philips

    Thats not a burger

  11. caroline0566

    Looked and smelled amazing amazing and I'm not a meat eater !!,…tasted fantastic .

  12. Elijah Longid

    $0.69 πŸ˜‰

  13. Sivert Trana

    Looked really nice, will definately try that slaw for my next cook.

    By the way, what jacket is that?!

  14. 2 pounds???? This is not McDonalds lady

  15. Carla Heiser

    You must have quite large Tablespoons in your neck of the woods. πŸ™‚

  16. If I come to London, what markets would you suggest going to? πŸ™‚
    And the pulled pork looks absolutely amazing!😍🀀

  17. Since is spicy, I would pay you $20.00 for you. Make a spicy fire version of it.

  18. That couple of the end shops at Iceland ready meals.

  19. Jose E. Cajigas

    wow man that looks awesome and delicious that rub that you made for that pork it should make the meat taste wonderful I don't know about butts in American dollars the least $8 .

  20. markos chatziathanasiou

    I want it