Potato Rice – Lunch Box Recipe

Potato Rice - Lunch Box Recipe

This is a spicy lunch box recipe..We will take you though how to make this at home…Try this out…

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  1. jawed afroze

    Check out this video on YouTube:eegg rice

  2. let me try now

  3. Came out really well. thanks a lot

  4. Robin Olaxli

    pls let me know the ingredients if you have time
    i couldn't understand all of them
    pls write it down for me
    i'm from Europa in Canada and i can't catch these ingredients name when you said them
    thx a lot

  5. KUSHAL singari

    its realy very easy & fastest tasty recipe……..

  6. I also like very much this dish. let see my self to do this.

  7. Sreejesh Venu

    Nice recipe…aa try this and give us a feedback aeppozhum bhayankara fast anu…

  8. hridhya nithin

    Hi chechi, thanks for this tasty recipe….I gav it a try and it came out realy well…..Thanks again : )

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