6 to 8 beef sausages
1 kilo or more of potatoes (2 to 3 pounds)
1 or 2 onions
a few spoons of garlic
butter, quite a bit
2 tins of tomatoes
chili to taste
a few hand fulls of something spinachy
sour cream

I hope you enjoy this Aussie tucker 🙂

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  1. vator exca05

    o this is the one i had in my mouth before hahaha, man those little quorks get me everytime….funny guy

  2. Greg, I would love it if you made some more authentic style Aussie food.  Cheers, thumbs up!!!!

  3. ajrindustries

    looks great

  4. Oh I almost forgot, you strum a mean guitar sir!

  5. Have you ever heard of hot pads, or maybe the idea of letting a hot potato cool off? I can't imagine how many times you've burned yourself, it's almost like you enjoy torture Lol! That does look delicious tho! And I guess you gotta go thru a little pain to appreciate good food!

  6. how do cut onion without craying

  7. Greg,

    I would love to hit some bars/clubs with you man. You''re my brotha from anotha motha!!

  8. metalshred11

    I'm cooking this on Monday for the missus looking forward to it! The side of bread is a great idea

  9. Th3pwndcereal

    Aussie Aussie Aussie oe oe oe

  10. oh greg, just cooked this lovely meal getting thumbs up from the kids, please try this with cumberland sausages i did its amazing. and once again thank you for share'ing will deffo be cooking this again. and it's a thumbs up here too:-)))

  11. peter the autobot

    Thank you 

  12. hey GK..
    that was great but i have a question…so my question is…is butter and wine  necessary ??

  13. peter the autobot

    But will you do it

  14. peter the autobot

    Can you plz make meat soap just put in a pot on a stove some potato s I use 3 and cook some chickenon a noth stove add some carots to the potatoes boel then add sweet corn and the chicken to the potatoes and the carots and boel it for 2 hours

  15. doonster washere

    we ate this the other night thanks greg

  16. blackswantamer

    Man you'd put garlic in yer ice cream.
    Hey you'd better have a quiet word with yu brother Nicho. He's obviously hitting the dope too hard man, back at the turn of the century I was anorexic too while living the cheese cake life. See its the bongs that do it, you swallow the smoke, your vitamin B intake switches off and you starve to death on 4 billion calories. Although that might not happen now we have kilojules but a Nicho's Kitchen YT thingo came up and he looks like a parsnip.

  17. lifeisaprettytragedy

    looks DELICIOUS greg..i love you!!!! :)

  18. BlazingBananaBoy

    You always say butter the same way every time.. Haha, classic Greg.

  19. if you added chicken beef and some pork and sud potatoes with noodles you'll have ragu

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