Portuguese Food Tour – FULL DAY of Eating in Lisbon, Portugal!

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On Day 27 in Lisbon, Portugal, I made up my mind to eat as much Portuguese food and at some of the best local restaurants in Lisbon. It turned out to be a fantastic day in Lisbon with some seriously good Portuguese food!

00:36 Cafe Martinho Da Arcada at Praça do Comércio – The first place we stopped in the morning is a legendary cafe in Lisbon that is the oldest cafe in Lisbon called Cafe Martinho Da Arcada. The main reason I wanted to go there was to try their pastéis de bacalhau, classic Portuguese food codfish fritters. The coffee and ambience and of the cafe was also nice. Total price – 9.30 EUR

Restaurante Zé da Mouraria (I think it was closed for holidays) – I really wanted to eat at this restaurant during my visit to Lisbon, but unfortunately they were closed for holidays, so if you go to Lisbon and are looking for local Portuguese food, check this place out.

5:32 Restaurante Cantinho do Aziz – For our next meal, although not Portuguese food, but more Mozambican food, we headed over to Restaurante Cantinho do Aziz. The food was remarkable, one of the best meals I had in Lisbon. I first began with some beef samosas which were insanely good, and then had spicy bakra piri piri, spicy lamb ribs. Total price – 35.00 EUR

11:14 Restaurante A Merendinha do Arco – Finally, to try some authentic Portuguese food in Lisbon, we headed over to a restaurant called Restaurante A Merendinha do Arco. This small family run restaurant serves delicious Portuguese food and many of the classics. I ordered bacalhau com grão, codfish with garbanzo beans and carne de porco à alentejana, pork with clams. Along with the delicious local food, what I loved was the ambiance and feel of the restaurant. Total price – 20.15 EUR

22:10 Oceanário de Lisboa (Entrance price – 17 EUR per person) – By this point on this Portuguese food tour of Lisbon, I was feeling pretty full, so we headed over to Oceanário de Lisboa and walked around one of Europe’s biggest aquariums.

24:22 Cafe on Avenida da Liberdade (Coffee – 1.40 EUR) – One of the things I love about Lisbon is the social cafe culture and atmosphere. In the afternoon I was starting to feel pretty sleepy, so before dinner, I had a cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe along Avenida.

25:12 Solar dos Presuntos – For the last Portuguese meal in on this food tour of restaurants in Lisbon, I decided to eat at a restaurants called Solar dos Presuntos. I didn’t know it was going to be such a fancy high end restaurant, but it was our last night in Lisbon, so we decided to go for it. I started with the pata negra, a plate of incredibly good ham. Then I ordered the polvo à lagareiro, some of the most tender octopus I’ve ever had in my life. Finally we also ordered dourada grelhada – gilt-head sea bream fish. The food was expensive, but delicious. Total price – 60.85 EUR.

This was a fantastic day of Portuguese food in Lisbon, and many of the places we ate today were the best restaurants I tried in Lisbon.

Disclaimer and Thank You:
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Thank you to The Fontecruz Lisboa Hotel for sponsoring my stay in Lisbon.

I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and where to eat.


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  1. Mark that samosa looks delicious.

  2. This dude sorta creeps me out with his facial expressions lol

  3. come to brazil bra

  4. Mark can you add the tour date details also so that it will help viewers to know the rate on which duration

  5. Mark take me with you

  6. Abdullahi Amir

    No disrespect but Portuguese food looks very plane and sorta boring, Greek food is more my alley

  7. I am 'hey-no-way" a fan of Africa but after watching all of mark's videos of juicy african food [from the north, to the east, and then to the west] then seeing him come to Lisbon, one can easily start to see the difference in european food — dry, bland and un-delicious! yuck. that lunchtime meal of dry dead bacalao, with dry dead chick peas, and dry dead potatoes were … dry and dead. no sauce no juiciness, no nothing, just dead! poor Europe. stick to more of the eastern and southern world mark, more exotic in flavor spices and creativity in meals.

  8. Kevin Flipper

    9 euro?? Jesus christ que roubo

  9. Luiz Carvalho

    Come visit Brazil please.

  10. thank u to post about our lovely portuguese food!u are welcome!

  11. Hatim Filali

    Yesterday i was at Canthino de Aziz, because i saw your video about it, But the service was bad and to rushy and the bakara piripiri does not look the same as yours, the lambchops where cold. Sorry but one big dissapointment.

  12. Thanks Mark, I got off the site-seeing bus at Martinho da Arcada to have coffee and fish cakes, loved it. Also on list later today is Cantinho do Aziz

  13. Man, you seriously need some table manners!
    Been watching a few of your clips, and have to tell you – you are clumsy!

    My remarks:
    Try to bend your wrist a bit more while bringing the spoon to your mouth.
    Don't try to eat everything with a spoon, forks work beautifully for solid foods.
    Hold the fork in the left hand, knife goes in the right one.
    Even if you eat with your hands, move your elbow around, so food doesn't drop. Jiggle around.
    Watch that your spoon is not overfilled.

    I know this is You doing it, and I Thank You, for doing it.
    Just a bit of feedback. 😉

    Love you like you are!

  14. You miss "Leitão à Bairrada" and dissert "Leite Creme" or "Pastel de Nata"

  15. Gevork manoukian

    Booked my trip to spain and Portugal! This video series was definitely my inspiration

  16. Endymions Rage

    That right swing after each bite 😀

  17. Hi Mark – hello from my hometown, glad that you enjoyed the places which you visited, places which I visit and the food that I grew up with…

  18. Portugal is no way near the best I would prefer Greek anytime and others.

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  20. To Restaurante Cantinho do Aziz, the best way is used the stairs next to Supermercado Chen on Beco dos Surradores. But it is really steep, not for people with weak hearts or knees…..
    It opens on Sunday!!!!