#porkrecipe #easycooking Garlic pork in oyster sauce(easy pork recipe)

Hello guys!
I cooked garlic pork in oyster sauce,if you want to know the recipe and how to make it You better watch the video til the end.
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  1. Rinel Cuanico

    bakit metal un sandok mo.

  2. Mukhang masarap🐷🐽🐷🐽pero sana damihan mo para masmaganda ang presentation🐷thank you for sharing

  3. Lutong Manyaman

    Sarap sis try ko yn

  4. Lourdes Dagar

    Sarap you shouldn't use that laddle the which is coated one like your frying pan. It cause damage to you frying pan.

  5. Josie Maranguis

    Wowww yummy

  6. Bivian Veril

    Hello sis sarap nman yan.sana mkarating k din sa bhay ko

  7. Ejmatt Delacruz

    It taste good but that's all fat. Welcome stroke, diabetes, heart disease. .