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Anjum heads to London to meet Jonathon Readman, who two years ago married his Goan wife, Lorraine. Jonathon never cooks but every Sunday takes full advantage of his Indian connection by enjoying a Goan feast at mother-in-law Clara’s house. Now it’s payback time, and Jonathon is going to attempt to cook Pork Vindaloo for her and his family himself.

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  1. Peter Ferrao

    anyways this dish really mouthwatering your narration make it people tempting to cook mam may i know you used the chillies i saw for first time what kind is that

  2. I see a lot of people saying that this is not an authentic Goan pork vindaloo. Can someone please post a link to a real recipe. I would love to try something authentic, even if it takes a while and uses more ingredients.

  3. Pavindran Pavin

    my mouth getting weat

  4. Anjum to me you do not know much about goan cooking please refrain from doing dis services to those goans who cook authentic.   I am a goan and my mother or aunts or grand mother would laugh at the way you are misguiding all the way cause this is not the way goans or portuguese cooked

  5. Abdullah Al-Shimri

    After eating all that spicy food, I wonder how their farts smell like. I feel sorry for the white dude.

  6. faisal young

    disgusting…! dirty pork, eerrgghh !! plus this woman needs the stick pulled out from her….

  7. vinish shetty

    I cook and I have never seen fresh chilli used for vindaloo(May be Pork Chilli), you need to grind all the masalas together and you need to use 2 different types of dried red chillies that's what gives the bright red color and heat , This looks like a cross between a pork chilli and a vindaloo, What's with Cashews and mustard?? This is not a chicken dish!! Sorry BBC Thumbs Down for this not being an Authentic Dish, But cant say anything about how this might have tasted.


    She is cooking a rodent 

  9. VIV★ GOḀ♥

    mustard seeds and cashews in pork vindaloo??? noooooo way

  10. TheMindspoken

    Anjum Anand…….the name says it all. She ain't no Goan. As much as people like to say that Vindaloo originated in the UK, I beg to disagree. It is a Goan dish, native to Goa.
    What Anjum has shown (apart from the English accent she very well 'plays the part'), the dish show is in fairness, a good pork curry CERTAINLY NOT a Vindaloo. NO WAY!!!!

  11. vicdgreat666

    why do u need the cashew 

  12. Michael Rushton

    Hang on, where did the onions go???

  13. dougefresh133

    I need to get a spice grinder.

  14. Joseph Lazar

    She is making him a fool, this is not pork vindaloo, it's just a pork curry!!!!!

  15. Evocatus Triarii

    Iam definitely gonna make this 

  16. Beautiful photography. I love the vinegar bottles. Please check mine out on my channel kravingsblog

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