Pork Tenderloin Diablo Recipe – Spicy Pork Diablo – Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Cream Sauce

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  1. Loves me some PT.

  2. This recipe is amazing. I loved it.

  3. Watch TGSNT & Hellstorm

    Fuck man that was badass

  4. Mars koolpics

    tried it, it's was nice a tender, yummy :)

  5. Ronda Goodlet

    As always I enjoyed your recipe Chef! Tasty and thank you

  6. AncientBlitzkrieg

    Mine came out a bit dry, but I think it was because mine was bigger and I tried compensating by cooking it another 15 minutes.

  7. The Real Drunkard Hu

    holy SHIT, you just cut a slice of pork tenderloin with a fork!  i call shenanigans!  photoshopped!

  8. Elizabeth Droesch

    Out of curiosity, would there be anything I could use to substitute for the horseradish. No one in my family is fond of it, and they are the ones I cook for, picky as they are.

  9. Robert Neumann

    Great recipe, just as always. Thanks Chef John!

  10. I was raised vegetarian and only started eating meat a month ago, at the tender age of 35. This is my first time cooking pork, and wow! These are some flavors I've never tasted before. It's great and a bit perplexing.

  11. Def trying this tomorrow night, I do prefer to deglaze the pan with booze (whiskey, white wine, beer, it all works with pork doesnt it?) before adding the chicken stock though, more flavor depth IMO!

  12. DoolittlesRevenge

    It's a life-changing lesson!

  13. I cooked mine on 375 for 35 min it was still red inside? any suggestions thank u

  14. frantahouska

    no one on YT gets even closer! even drama queen Ramsey. Chef John the ultimate master of food porn!

  15. Stephanie Benegas

    I'm gna try this for dinner tonight 🙂 happy pregnant woman over here lol that side dish looks delish as well

  16. Most important lesson I learned from Chef John; the 'crud' in the bottom of the pan after searing meat is actually ambrosia.

  17. diablo 3 recipe took me here

  18. Great narration!

  19. thank you very good !!

  20. I did this for my birthday it it was sooooo good

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