Pork recipe (clearer version)

Pork recipe (clearer version)

Gordon Ramsay’s recipe for belly of pork and loin of pork


  1. Looks great I am going to give it a try, I wonder what temp he meant by hot oven?

  2. When he says "Hot Oven," just what temperature is the oven preheated to? >.<

  3. lawwwwwwvlyyy

  4. Making both of these for Xmas 2011 if I can find pork loin with the skin still on. Found a place 30 mins away that has belly of pork with the skin still on, so I'm praying that they have the loin of pork with the skin on as well.

  5. onlyporkmeat

    wow!!! i've seen many ways to do pork belly and failed all three times. now i feel i'll get it right the 4th time.

  6. Midas Report

    Belly > Loin

  7. this just blew my mind

  8. Jewishnazi1985

    Gordon's a bell end…..DONE

  9. just by looking at that dish there's just high levels of perfection all the way around….it's ridiculous

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