PORK curry WITHOUT OIL/ Pork recipe/Manipuri style/ how to cooked pork curry recipe

PORK  curry WITHOUT OIL/ Pork recipe/Manipuri style/ how to cooked pork curry recipe

PORK curry WITHOUT OIL/pork recipe/Manipuri style/how to cooked pork curry recipe/
This is a very easy pork recipes to cook pork and a very healthy way because it does not contain any oil, this recipe is mostly used in the northeastern part of India, people from northeast love pork and there are many ways to cook but is the most commonly used method

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  1. I tried this recipie yesterday. Works absolutely phenomenal. We didn't add the bamboo shoots though. How will omorok (bhooth jholokia) chilli taste in it.
    ? I'm seriously thinking of ordering some online.
    Good simple recipe. Loved it

  2. Chun Thangnawk

    Am staying in Delhi for about 3 months now,the only food I have is roti….,seeing this make me wanna come back home

  3. u could add the potatos before bring whistle .it could save a lot more time

  4. Jennifer Dong

    Awesome, I'm going to try it minus the potatoes.

  5. Waw, after seeing, I have a great desire to eat, but it's totally ban at home., look so yummy πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

  6. Surjakumar Sharma

    Nice but if its a manipuri dish then you are forgetting something guess what

  7. Askhne Jumy Swuro

    Its nice…yumy, but you stir alot its not good for stomach😟

  8. prince bhargav

    Woow… Looking yummy.

  9. mehboob gani

    Now drink some cow piee along with this dish.

  10. Mrinmoy Baruah

    Good going boy…. Keep it up

  11. Freddy Ruatsanga

    just found you and just subscribed…yummy gonna try this tomorrow right away

  12. Easy, simple and delicious. I skipped the potatoes though.

  13. Stir or stare?

  14. wahengcha sarojkumar

    si khuthongci ym haobne

  15. Manipuri dishes r awesome….taste so good…especially fish curry

  16. Abino Gurung

    Wow. Nice recipe.

  17. Souvik Banerjee

    I tried the recipe yesterday. Works very well. Thank you!

  18. pixie cuteheart

    boiled pork or raw?

  19. Awesome video
    Excellent work

  20. Lovely.. but what about heat should I keep it on high heat