Pork Carnitas Recipe – Crispy Slow-Roasted Spiced Pork Recipe

Learn how to make Pork Carnitas Recipe! Go to http://foodwishes.blogspot.com/2014/10/crispy-pork-carnitas-these-little-meats.html for more information, and many, many more recipe videos. I hope you enjoy this easy Crispy Slow-Roasted Spiced Pork Recipe!


  1. Daniel Lucero

    those are not authentic!!! cheep crappy wanna be Carrrrrnitas! can't even roll your Rrrrrrs lamo!

  2. esmeralda sandoval

    guess what I'll be cooking tomorrow??? yummm. thank you chef.

  3. DTHUGisdashit

    it's noot CAHRNEETUS it's CARNITAS! @americans make up a word in english if u cant say it

  4. I know we can not see your face but you really sound like Phil Miller from "Last Man on Earth"

  5. Jessica Cole

    I am soooooo hungry!

  6. Nathan Justice

    looks good

  7. carmexbarelskiis

    i like the way you talk, its like wheeee 😝 sliding down a slide for the first time! great recipe, thanks!

  8. I made these, almost to exact specifications, and it was, need I say, Amazing! Great food make! :)

  9. I did this recipe yesterday. It came out well however, I added to much curry. It over whelmed the taste. Overall it is a good method.

  10. I am the senorita of my pork carnitas! Thank you, Chef John!

  11. Kathy Darling

    You are the jefe of your carnitas!

  12. Never had Carnitas that were sweet before. I will try this recipe. Curious how it is sweet.

  13. TheWhiskyDelta

    Just made it and it was absolutely amazing!

  14. Frank Greenway

    delicious, carnitas my very favorite Mexican food

  15. typingcomments

    Been wanting to try this recipe for awhile and I finally took a stab at it today after ditching class. For the most part it was delicious. My only note would be that I was expecting more out of the spices as I didn't notice too much of it (and I feel that I was very liberal with the seasoning). Other than that, I don't think I'll regret having to eat this for the better part of a week.

  16. Ahww, little cry baby got his feeling hurt, stay outta the kitchen then.

  17. you forgot cayenne!

  18. your voice sucks dude, so i gave you 2 thumbs down, 1 for your cooking style for carnitas, and 2nd your drawn out style of talking.

  19. Carolina De La Ossa

    Is this the same as "chicharrones"?

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