Pinto Beans Olive Oil Recipe Healthy Vegetarian Dinner

5 pounds red kidney pinto beans
Half a liter of olive oil
Half a liter of sunflower oil
1 kg onion
1 kilo of carrots
5 kilos of potatoes
2 kilos of tomato
10 lemon juice
Black pepper flake pepper
pepper paste
Hello, Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to everyone happy days
Healthy kidney bean recipe with olive oil
Olive oil kidney bean is made in the most delicious way
 Five kilograms of red beans kept in cold water one night before
Other materials
You can use fresh pepper or sweet pepper
A kilo of carrots
Five kilos of potatoes
A pound of onion
Ten lemon juice
Wash soaked barbuns in water
If possible double or triple wash with boiling water
Add water into a large pot
Add bonito
Boil barbecues and cook the gold with low level
Divide the onions into equal parts in this way
Always pay attention to hatching the same size
Pick the onions in a saucepan and prepare the carrots
Peel the carrots
Throw the foam out of this
I lower the level of fire after it boils down the lowest level
Chop the carrots the same size as the onions
You can add red cabbage next to carrots
Our carrots come from the farm and use fresh ones
Chop the carrots into a container and prepare the potatoes
Peel and wash the patties
Cut the ends of the fresh pointed peppers and chop them in equal lengths
After the barbnas are a bit soft, take it out of the quarry and it will continue to cook in the water
Onions and carrots, add sunflower and olive oil, mix with intervals
Chop potatoes in equal cubes in cubes
Pick potatoes in a container and keep them ready
Add peppers
Squeeze the lemon juice and make it ready
Get some garlic
Chop tomatoes in cubes
Stir in pepper crust
Add salt
Add black pepper
Add garlic
Add a little boiling water and we will add the water with the water
Add barbunyalılar
Add lemon juice
Add tomatoes
Add some sugar
Add potatoes close to cook
Will get the meal together with the potatoes
We expect potatoes to be cooked
It is important to eat this barbunayay waited in the water then to wash
Do not throw away your boiled water, your grown-up vitamins are in that water