Patti’s (Apple Cinnamon Pork Loin) Recipe

On today’s episode, Ann and Dan share a Patti’s Recipe that will make your Pork Lion a dish to remember. Be sure to visit our online store for more products.

Patti’s 1880’s Settlement in Grand Rivers, Kentucky invites you to eat, shop, play, and stay. To find out more about our affordable, all-inclusive packages or to book your getaway, visit


  1. Elaine Barnett

    The pork chops are great and the sauce is wonderful to use at home.

  2. MMM! Delicious. I might would attempt to make this, but I think I might just go to Patti's instead! Incredible food, wonderful experiences, sweet memories made at Patti's. It has a special place in my and my husband's hearts.

  3. Julia Waskiewicz

    one of our favorite places to go…We will be coming up next month for a couple of days…Patti's is always on our mind as we go to Grand Rivers….time to rest, time to regroup, and time to enjoy a wonderful meal…looking forward to dining with you again!

  4. Sharolyn Griesheim

    You can not beat your pork chops. Have them every time we visit.

  5. wonderful place to spend thanksgiving.

  6. Kimberly Hunt

    I've always loved when we get to visit the Patti's Settlement