Pão na chapa – Brazilian breakfast in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pão na chapa - Brazilian breakfast in Sao Paulo, Brazil

When it comes to Brazilian breakfast simple and sweet is the best way to describe it. A typical breakfast in Sao Paulo consists of sweet and/or savory bread along with coffee and milk. That’s it. We ended up popping into a small cafe that specialized in pão na chapa (Brazilian pan-fried toast soaked in butter) and pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread balls). We ordered two cups of coffee that came loaded with milk and sugar. They were so good I had to get a second one 😉 We also grabbed a small treat known locally as cocado (Brazilian coconut bar candy) and all of this came to around USD. Not bad value and certainly all of the sugar we needed to start the day 😉

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Pão na chapa – Brazilian breakfast in Sao Paulo, Brazil Travel Video Transcript:

So good morning from Sao Paulo. We had a bit of a late night last night singing Karaoke with friends. But it is our last day in the city so we need to go out and sightseeing. So we’re starting off the morning with a traditional breakfast. So if you have a look down here we’ve just ordered coffee. Coffee with milk. Pretty simple. I’ve also got my Pão de queijo. And that is a big one! And that is a massive one. So this is the cheese bread made with the manioc flower. Yes, and here comes the other part. This is the bread that has been cooked in butter, right? It’s like the toast.

Okay, so can you tell us how pão na chapa is made? So basically the keep it really simple here in Brasil which is kind of cool. It’s just your bread, cooked on a pan with butter. It is really simple but it looks really tasty. Yeah. But it is so nice and buttery and like the bread is flaky. It is like a French bread. They must put a lot of butter on there. Yeah, that’s really nice. But you know what I do wish they had a bit of jam. Like this bread with a bit of strawberry jam would just be magic. You know what I would put cream cheese on mine. Cream cheese? With a dollop of strawberry jam on top. Oh. Now that is the winning combo.

Oh, look at that. It is so cheesy inside. This is amazing. Because you know what we’ve been going to a place called Case de Pão de queijo. And over there you get like these tiny little balls that are just like bite sized. But this is like a proper gigantic. The is the grand daddy of them all. That is bigger than our hand. Yeah, and see if you can get the texture of this. Just look at that. It is so cheesy. Oh.

How is that? That is good. Perfecto? That is authentic. Yeah. It is like really chewy because of all the cheese in there. Nice and starchy. It is good stuff. This is what I’m going to miss when we leave today. Pão de queijo.

Alright, time to try the coffee. Wow. It is really sweet isn’t it. Really really sweet. There is a pile of sugar added. I like it. I’m loving the coffee. I like it too. I usually have my coffee black but this is a nice jolt of energy in the morning. It tastes more like a dessert coffee. And now this is completely unrelated to breakfast but you saw cocada. I saw the cocada and this is like our favorite coconut slash snack slash dessert and it is basically just coconut and whole bunch of sugar and maybe a little bit of milk. Look at this thing of beauty. It’s like a coconut bar.

Oh man, that is so good. This has nothing to do with breakfast but I’m already eating sweets for breakfast. Why not? You just couldn’t resist it. It’s your last day in Sao Paulo. You may as well enjoy it. I’m doing whatever I want.

So we just paid the bill and Sam is over the moon because that was amazing value. Such cheap food. It was 16.25 Reals which is like less than dollars. All of that food and I got an extra coffee. I mean we had three coffees, we had the two basically the two pastries, the two breads and then we had the cocado. So that is amazing. I’m full, I’m ready to go. I’m on a sugar high. Let’s get the day started. Woo hoo! Let’s go. Yeah. Hahaha.

This is part of our Travel in Brazil video series showcasing Brazilian food, Brazilian culture and Brazilian cuisine.

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  1. Solange Souza

    This is a simple breakfast but absolutely delicious ! 😊 Thank you for sharing !


    Here in Brazil we usually have churrasco and feijoada for breakfast. And it's a antique tradition to go play soccer in the favela after we eat to burn the calories.

  3. pingado e pão com manteiga na chapa… good !!

  4. Kd os brasileiros?

  5. Aha ahaaa! Great Samuel & Audrey! Welcome to Brazil! Hugs

  6. Is Audrey portugese? Sam is like a Scottish dude haha 😉 Wow, Brasilian food looks so gorgeous and tasty!

  7. Seven Vile Eyes

    Wow, pão na chapa, you really went to the simplest brazillian foods haha.

  8. Thais Macedo

    I just love pão de queijo!!

  9. Come up north next time (State – Para; City – Belem) 🙂 We have tapioca with butter or ham and cheese, coffe & milk, fruit salad. We have a great cuisine here! stay for lunch and you will be in heaven.

  10. Julio Cesar Rodrigues de Cristo

    Wow my gosh, I follow you guys since the beginning of this year… and I wondered oh boy this guys should come to Brazil.. I was now planning a trip to Europe and so I reached out your channel no help in the destinations and attractions when I face "São Paulo Brazil" and Rio de Janeiro.. Thats nice guys… so proud that you came…I hope you enjoyed it 😉

  11. Flavio Lombardi

    Have you guys tried açaí?
    That was cheap for you guys but 16 reais for a breakfast even for 2 is not a value that everyone can afford every day. Our currency is very devaluated and prices is brasil are very expensive compared to the rest of the world =(

  12. Chemistry Atomistic

    This is not a brazilian traditional breakfast, but a paulista traditional breakfast. Welcome to Sao Paulo, we are very proud to have you with us! 🙂

    SP is not Brazil!!


    You guys! You always help my appetite to kick in! Butter fried bread?
    Better start cooking while I feel the burn!

  14. oh, Brazil!. I have great friends from there. The food is delicious.

  15. cupcaketower101

    That looks soooo tasty 😛

  16. El Tercermundista

    I'm learning a lot of things from these videos!! 😉 😉

  17. Nice! tip: 1- look for Mocotó restaurant in Sao Paulo, you will find a really typical brazilian food, chef signature (cheap, simple place and very brazilian atmosphere )
    2- Have to go to any "feira de rua", you will find local fruits, vegetables and most important: "Pastel" and "Caldo de cana" very local food in São Paulo.
    So…Have a good time here!

  18. Pradeep Rajkumar

    Love the roast.. We call it as Bombay TOast from Northern India….in Mumbai


    The toast is like the same… Lovely dears

  19. My cousin is from Brazil and when she came to visit she made us Pão de queijo. It was so good and now I want some! Your videos never fail to make me hungry. 😛 haha

  20. Am I going crazy or did you re-upload this?