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I get a lot of requests to do more videos on vegetable side dishes. So today I am sharing with you a tasty, oven roasted, cabbage that we had recently to go along with a slow cooked corned beef roast that I made. Roasting the cabbage is a great alternative to boiling or steaming or even cooking it in the slow cooker along with the corned beef. This way the cabbage gets perfectly done to you liking. I think this way is much easier and as a bonus you get all the nutrition from the greens and your house does not smell like boiled cabbage! Its win, win all around! Don’t forget to add this to your list of ideas for Thanksgiving dinner!

I love oven roasting veggies. You get the deep rich flavor from the vegetables and you get easy clean up. This literally has four ingredients. Cabbage, olive oil, salt and pepper. I also added a sprinkle of onion powder to mine but that is certainly optional. You can add or take away any seasonings you prefer to make this suit your own tastes.

The secret to roasting vegetables is to get the oven hot and to use the right amount of oil. There is a fine line between not enough and too much. You don’t want your veg swimming in oil but if you don’t get enough in there the vegetables won’t roast properly and they will dry out and become bitter.

I had a small head of cabbage that I sliced into four 1 inch slices. Be careful with the knife and rotate the cabbage as you are cutting then as you come to the middle you can just cut right through the center part without too much trouble. If you feel more comfortable, you can always cut the cabbage in half then slice it into half moons to roast.

I have not used any measurements here. If I had to guess on the oil, I would probably say I used about 1/4 cup. One head of cabbage was more than enough for our meal and we had leftovers that were used to make a small hash for lunch a few days later with leftover potatoes and corned beef.

The cabbage was roasted for about 30 minutes and I removed it from the oven and cut each slice in half then took a tongs and broke it up. There were some delicious crispy brown pieces that we all fought over and when I make this again I will return the cabbage to the oven for 15 minutes after I break it apart so that we get even more brown, crispy goodness.

I hope you give this method of roasting cabbage a try sometime soon and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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