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  1. Binod Kumar Bagh.

    Sweet discuss.

  2. A Colorful World

    10:16 Oats are not gluten free

  3. mariahgoodgrl22

    I never heard of foba and you make it will chick pea water from a can?? Foba suppose be like whip cream?

  4. Jerikoh O'Cru

    Aquafabulous waffles is definitely a must-try. 😋 And that ice-cube trick is a gem!


    So yummy

  6. Gold Queenie Playzz

    I want to eat all of this chocolate but since it's night, the only chocolate I can eat is Nutella.

  7. sonia mathur

    So nice cake to yummy

  8. Kamini pandey

    Mam your recipes are really very good but we don't have that much ingredients so it is better ki hum bahar se kha le

  9. EME Emma,Maja,Ellen

    The little sad face in the thumbnail tho

  10. More likes would accumulate I believe if these videos were made functional. By functional, I mean keep them no longer than 10 minutes and include an index by name with a timestamp so we can be able to return to a video and go right to the tip we wish to use.
    When there are multiple tips but NO index, I feel my time has been wasted and I do a thumbsdown.

  11. Aquafaba doesn't work and it doesn't tastes great either its tastes like chickpeas and turn into water in the oven I do not recommend 🙅🙅

  12. روان جبور

    So yammy😂

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  14. Nicole Whitley

    I love this channel, I'm thinking about making one of these recipes

  15. So tasty 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  16. Would chu eat all this dessert for a week? Cuz its so much sugar 🤙🤙

  17. L
    Love s

  18. Nicolle Barbosa

    Alguém do Brasil?😄

  19. حسني وأفتخر


  20. حلوة اوي احلا قناة هي So yummy 😍