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  1. Can you please share as how to store it and for how long?

  2. Can we use granulated sugar instead of coconut

  3. Swadha Sharma


  4. Cooking&vlogging with Mrs. ali Dh

    Yummy I must try

  5. Family Cooking Recipe

    Used milk powder or khoya ,if you don't like coconut .

  6. Can i do this with ginger?

  7. Cartoon Freak

    Sorry I'm late, Merry Christmas and happy New Year

  8. Vijender Kumar

    Sooo easy recipe. Thanku you di for this recipe. I will try this.

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  11. wahhh dear… how can appreciate ur creativity…. u r an amazing person to make this recipes

  12. Minha Fathima

    Super 😋

  13. woww yummyyy

  14. vedanti sinkar

    Please also give list of ingredients in description in all your upcoming videos that will be more helpful. Thanks

  15. So easy yummy

  16. Ronit Chajjlana

    Absolutely yummy

  17. Astaga semudah itu 😍 keren

  18. Gayitri Manjeshwar

    Shelf life?how long it can be stored

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  20. Sadia tasnim

    apu ami matroi banalam ekhon freeze a rakhbo