Only 2 Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Recipe (Perfect for gift giving)

Easy 2 Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Recipe

This easy rich in chocolate homemade chocolate fudge is a favorite to give and get, especially this time of the year. This fudge is smooth, creamy, ultra thick and extra chocolaty. All you need just 2 ingredients and a little time and you can get into this easy to prepare delicious chocolate fudge recipe. You can add some chopped nuts of your choice on top and they are perfect for gift giving or even as a treat for yourself!


Ingredients & Full Recipe👇👇👇



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  1. this thing if of high quality

  2. Daisy Fields

    “This little light of mine….”

  3. Ivana Kalyana

    Diabetes, I'll follow you wherever you go

  4. ABDULLAH Javed

    Reduce condense milk and use heavy cream

  5. Instant diabetes

  6. So she bought a chocolate bar that has groves to break apart but still used a knife to cut it… weird flex but ok

  7. Sai' Blogs19

    Hi . ill try this pls come back to my kitchen ..

  8. Nitin Sawhney

    Me after eating 16 burritos 1:46

  9. When you actually have the ingredients but are to lazy to make it

  10. I failed at doing this chocolate fudge one time and I wanna try it again like I don't wanna mess it up! But guess what?

    My mom is not gonna let me do that cuz she knows that i suck at baking 😂


  11. james stephens

    evidence (thickness in pouring) would suggest that was sweetened condensed milk, different from condensed milk.

  12. Butter Bumps

    2 ingredient fudge recipe is an abomination😞 when it takes more time to butter and line the pan

  13. karliiina karliiina

    I did tried this out and it was awesome! Yummmmm

  14. Even simpler: Add cocoa powder to condensed milk. Done. Serve. Enjoy

  15. When you thought that it’s easy to do this but forgot that I don’t have any of the ingredients except a pan and a bowl

  16. Paralyze Tic

    I'm gonna let it shine

  17. I have a easier 2 INGREDIENT FUDGE RECIPE.

  18. oh my god they were roommates

    Not to get political or anything but wHAT the kentucky fried fuck is condenced milk, we don't have condenced milk where i live :v

  19. Adit Magotra

    video: only 2 ingredient !!!

    Me: Wow

    Butter: Am I a joke to you?

  20. This is worth a diabetes