Since now that my family is slowly reducing the intake of meat I have decided to start cooking vegetarian dish.
This is one my long lost dish which I have not eaten for a long time.
Hope you like it. Below are full details of ingredients and stir fry instructions.

2 tbsp cooking oil
2 cloves garlic pounded
1 stalk of scallion white part cut into rings
2 tsp preserved soya beans (tau cheong)

5gm (2)Wood Ear Fungus (Mu Er/Cloud Fungus)
3-4 dried Shitake Mushrooms
2 sticks of dried soya beans sheets
Soak all to soften(10minutes) and boil till soya beans sheets are soft. Remove from the hot water, cut into bite size and set them aside.
Sieve the boil stock for about 250ml( You can keep the stock for later use or use 250ml water for frying)
Set all aside

10-12 pieces Lily Flower/Buds soaked and tied with a knot, that way it prevents the flower from breaking into pieces.

75gm cabbage cut into 3-4 cm pieces
25gm carrots cut into thin slices
20gm Glass Noodles ( Mung Beans Vermicelli) soak to soften
100gm prawns (shrimps)cleaned, devein and shell removed.(Optional)

Salt and Sugar to taste.

For garnish : 1 stalk of green parts of scallion cut into rings form and 1 red chillies julienne

2) Cook
Heat a frying pan. Add the 2 tbsp cooking oil, sauté the pounded garlic, white part of scallions rings and the preserved soya beans till fragrant.
Add the cabbage, carrots and if the ingredients starts to dry up, pour a little of the water (or the reserved stock from the boiled mushrooms/Mu Er/Soya Beans sheets) and stir fry for about 2 Minutes.
Now add the precooked mushrooms, Wood Ear Fungus, Soya Beans Sheets and Lily Flower and mix well .
Continue cooking for a while about 2 minutes .
Finally add the Glass Noodles and prawns and the rest of the stock or water, mix all the ingredients, and cover the pan, continue cooking for about 4-5 minutes for the stock to be absorbed a little.
Add more stock or water if necessary.
Now give it a good stir, check the taste of the gravy.
Add Sugar and Salt to your taste. The dish should have a little stock.
Its ready to be served.

Serve with steam rice.