No Bake White Chocolate Oreo Balls – 3 Ingredients

No bake white chocolate Oreo balls are simple and easy. Actually, they are made with 3 simple ingredients: Oreo cookies, cream cheese, and white chocolate. To top things off, they are fun to make. I often make these up for parties. Believe me, there are never any left. We use semi sweet white chocolate, but you can use the chocolate of your choice. Almond chocolate would be nice with these, as well. Watch the video, and give these tasty little treats a try. Get the full recipe at:

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  1. Surender Mehta

    can we use whipped cream

  2. LunaMoon Kawaii

    do you have to use the electric mixer?

  3. Ganesen Francis

    hmm can i us a blender to blend some pastry

  4. What brand of cream cheese you used?

  5. Morgan Britton

    Just made these! So yummy!

  6. can you use peanutbutter instead of cream cheese

  7. Erin McKelvey

    Hi I was wondering instead of cream cheese would ice cream work ???

  8. Emily Nicole Perez

    OMG we made this exact same recipe and it was so good lol I guess it would have been easier to use a toothpick method because we tried to drizzle the white chocolate over the Oreo balls lol

  9. agentofxehanort

    Is it OK if I used the refrigerator over the freezer?

  10. Looks delicious, definitely making those for Christmas!

  11. I remember when I was a kid, I dip marshmallows into the melted chocolate! lol this bring back memories but now I'm gonna use oreos. Thanks.

  12. SeokJin's Wife


  13. Shaibalina Choudhury

    it luks so gonna surely try it for Christmas..!.thank you for dis amazing recipe..!! :)

  14. mouthwatering :D

  15. since i dont like cream cheese and cookies , i used marshmallow fluff a little melted , and another time i used home made butter cream , tasted really good

  16. great video,i will try the recipe for my daughter today…thank u..😊

  17. how many of these did the amount of oreos make? 🙂 im hoping to fill hlaf of 5 jars so im just wondering how much id need really

  18. Fionna Willow

    I tried this but I used magarine.It taste realy good too!!

  19. Moriah Robinson

    my mom makes the best ! thanks so much

  20. Geleen Faye Artates

    is it okay not to use a mixer?

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