No Bake Dessert | 15 minute Fruit Tart Recipe | My Cupcake Addiction

I LOVE a ‘cheat dessert’ that LOOKS like it took hours but only takes minutes to prepare. Today I’m sharing my fave Summer Fruit Flan for when I’m short on time but still want an amazing dessert!

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  1. PJ McAdam-Pope

    im from the uk, could you use angel delight

  2. Jane Ordaniel

    what kind of powder is that? the one you've put on the whole milk? can't hear clearly . respond pls.

  3. Gomathee Retinam

    nice but???????????????????

  4. nephthyss pumpkin

    i need to try this.. I hope the staffs of my hubby gonna liked it,

  5. Elle Anna Hirschorn

    Why no subtitles/captions

  6. Elle Anna Hirschorn

    Why no subtitles/captions

  7. aaliyah rucker

    definitely a treat that me and my mom.would love to make together I really enjoy baking

  8. plz ingridient in frinch pppppplz

  9. Lojaina Agag

    YOUR AMAZING WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Maria Eduarda Sales Ferreira


  11. Reilly Eichelberger

    3:20 "keep whisking. i have experience in this"

    dan howell voice after sudden flashbacks
    cringe attack

  12. Puppylover 123

    U should make a turkey cake because thanks giving is coming up

  13. Jo-UNICORN-Ann Rich

    All about that base

  14. you should try to make a cooking show like Rosanna from nerdy nummys Thant would be cool. I love your cakes they look amazing and I bet they tast amazing too😊

  15. Nabila Safira

    how much the pudding mixture in grams or another convertion?

  16. could you use something in replace of the pudding? if so what would it be? xxx

  17. you ar so good

  18. very nice

  19. Sruthi Santhirthasan

    my favorite forever.Wish u could make a shirt of this fruit tart:)

  20. Rajiv Bansal

    Can you make watch them

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