Do you wonder how they make the piri-piri chicken at nando’s so mouth-watering and you want to try it at home? Well our version means you can cheaply recreate it whilst making it as spicy as you want.

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  1. MenderSlen579

    dammit boys this shit is meant to be thrown in the damm bbq not in the oven!!!

    i hate oven chicken

  2. Barry and Jamie look so different!

  3. None of your fucking business

    this ain't cheeky nandos

  4. Lauren Cooper

    Anyone in for a cheeky nandos with the lads?

  5. Chan Lin See

    Can i use nando's peri-peri sauce for the dressing of the chicken after it done ? 

  6. whywouldyoucare

    C H E E K Y N A N D O S

  7. Ben looks like such a baby!

  8. Ben's hair..

  9. 1:10 that was the dorkiest most disgusting way to squeeze a lemon

  10. Just For LAFFS

    Soo messy ??

  11. By far the most awful part of living in America is no Nandos

  12. Mark Coetzee

    I thought nando's was only in south Africa .

  13. jasmine hayek

    Looks amazing and easy 

  14. Ariff Suffian

    Your hair is different.

  15. omgggggggggg thank u!!!!! i absolutely love nandos chicken!

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