My Go-To Vegetarian Meals While Pregnant

My Go-To Vegetarian Meals While Pregnant
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F A J I T A S:

* Rice
* Beans
* Peppers
* Chili powder
* Cumin
* Tortilla

* Wash and let the rice dry
* Warm up beans in separate pot
* Add rice to onions and cook/mix for 1 minute
* Add water to rice and put heat on high
* Let rice boil, once it reaches a boil, put on low heat & let simmer for 15-20 minutes or until water is completely dissolved
* In a separate pan, add onions + peppers + chili powder + cumin + cook for 5 minutes
* Add everything together and BOOM deliciousness

S O U P:

* garlic
* Cannelloni beans
* Kale hand full
* Green peas (1 cup)
* Potato (3-5)
* Carrots (4-5)
* Zucchini (1)
* Green Beans (1 cup)
* Fresh Pasta
* Cabbage (half)
* Pesto
* Vegetable Broth
* Italian seasoning
* Salt

* add everything together
* Add Italian seasoning and salt to taste
* Add 3-4 cups of broth
* Let simmer for 45 minutes
* Cook pasta separately according to directions on the package
* Add everything together and BOOM so yummy and fresh


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O T H E R S O U P : Super Soup


* Vegetable Stock
* 2 carrots
* 1 onion diced
* 2 celery stalks
* Summer squash
* 1 zucchini
* 4 garlic cloves
* 1 tbs basil
* 1 tsp dried thyme
* 1 bunch chopped kale, collards, or chard stems
* 2 cups of diced tomatoes
* 1 carton vegetable broth
* 2 cups canned white beans (cannellini)


* Add everything together
* Bring to a summer, and cook for 20-25 minutes

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