Mughlai Chicken – Easy Cook with Food Junction

Mughlai Chicken – Easy Cook with Food Junction
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  1. Oh you forgot salt ?

  2. salt kon app ke abbu dalegay idiot…… kuch bhi C mat banao hume 
    ase nahi banta hai mughlai chicken 
    fresh cream and curd me banta hai with onion paste and rosted dry fruits …

        phele sikho phir shikhao

  3. This is not an authentic recipe. Mughlai Chicken is always prepared with eggs

  4. I made it,it was very tasty

  5. very good icecream recipe

  6. I only speak English but I understand just fine. Cooking is like music. 

  7. Lalita Kumari

    very nice. 

  8. Yummy…♡♡

  9. There is no way I'd watch this with a bloody commercial that long.

  10. Gurdeep Sachdeva

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  11. The Cooking Label

    Awesome Recipe! Great going. I recently uploaded Mughlai Chicken Gravy on my channel

  12. shyam ranjan

    really looking good yummy

  13. Please in future put english subtitles if u post with an english heading. Looked delicious but I couldn't understand. 

  14. Ayesha Moonis

    Where do u live ?

  15. The devil is in the details!
    Tried this out and one mistake I made was to use more red chillies. So instead of creamy white I got a shade of brown and slightly more spicy for a mughlai dish.
    Thank you for sharing this recipe.

  16. Hi. I want to knw. How cm 1 cup milk become double in quantity. After adding dry masala..
    …… the gravy became so fine without any bites of garlic/ginger/onion. In between clip is not there. Please let us knw the proper measurements of the ingredients. Or guide us with any website or blog to the of urs.
    Please let us knw did u grind the roasted or cooked masala, thn added to the pan.

  17. Mujtaba Tarique


  18. ap bataty nai k kitna kitan saman daalnahai pls bataya kare

  19. pinkish pink

    Will try

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