Mouthwatering Recipes For Junk Food Lovers

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  1. kaikora da nugget


    Mind: potadough?

  2. Melissa Summerlin

    These look so good.Not going to be able to make them but one day.

  3. Mimi The Gamie

    …… why is this up here -_-

  4. nut..

  5. muskan verma

    Their stove is so dirty lol

  6. 1000 subs no vids

    I love tasty, but what I hate is some of these recipes are very restricting to America. I live in Britain and we don’t have cinnamon rolls in a can/biscuits in a can so I don’t really know what to do :/

  7. i tried the second one with granola & nutella instead of chocolate and almonds and it was SOOOO good. My family, cousins, uncles & aunties are gonna LOOOVE IT. Plus it only took like 20 minutes to make a lot!

  8. Me, watching tasty like im not a broke 13 year old

  9. Only watch this if you’ve just ate or are already diabetic!

  10. may fichtner

    There goes my money

  11. How to get diabetes

  12. Sofia Jurado

    The thumbnail looks like a penis. Or maybe I'm just a perv.

  13. This should’ve been called “recipes for fat asses”😭 a lot of these look good ASFF

  14. Jericho and winter

    Makes brownies*
    Me:Ooooooh whats nexttt
    Adds ice cream*
    adds brownies on top to form ice cream brownie sandwich*

  15. Little Miss Cakey

    I cants make the pesto…..I allergic…

  16. Flying Foxes

    “For fast food lovers”
    did I hear someone call my name?

  17. Aleena Mansoor

    Those emojis look like they have a terrible case if acne

  18. Derprah Shrekfrey

    2:09 pInEaPpLe

  19. Alfonso Macias

    I'm cutting weight for wrestling and this isn't helping

  20. Tasty