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Have U Ever Eaten This Dumur/Common Fig Recipe | Most Rear & Healthy FIG & Bread Cooking For Kids & Villagers

In our country, dumur is the local name of common fig. Dumur is one of the very rear fruit as well as vegetable. Only in village, dumur tree rarely seen.
Dumur can be eaten as fruit as well as vegetable. Dumur is very good for health. You can see at internet of health benefit of dumur.
Today, we have cooked dumur potato mixed fry recipe. Also we have made bread/ruti to eat this vegetables for the children and people.

I have, this video will pleasure you.

Hopefully, all of you will enjoy this incredible recipe very soon.
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Dumur (Common Fig)
Green Chili
Red Chili Powder
Coriander Powder
Turmeric Powder
Cooking Oil


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