Moroccan-Spiced Pork Loin Roast – Food Wishes – Holiday Roast

This amazing Moroccan-spiced pork recipe is actually adapted from a classic technique for roasting leg of lamb. While this spice-rub is incredible with either, by using this approach instead, we’re not only saving a few dollars, but it’s also a proven scientific fact that your average holiday dinner guest (American, at least) is more likely to prefer roast pork to the slightly more exotic lamb.

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  1. Isn't Morocco an Islamic country?

  2. 1:38 Am I the only one waiting for "on the outside, on the outside"?

  3. aaron faucett

    The salt inhibits bacterial growth so it's fine to leave it out for the time he suggested

  4. This looks very good. I love pork roast and have found that the simpler the recipe, the better the roast. I think I will be trying this very soon. Thank you.

  5. Kathy Obrien


  6. a Morrocan spiced pork loin. very weird when u account for the fact that most Moroccans don't eat pork lol

  7. Hello chef I don't think they eat pork over there😏🙈

  8. Ryan Rhino Hayward

    You should've used the dry brine method for this one….cause I'm curious lol

  9. scarletfluerr

    Since I'm intelligent enough to know that Thai Five Spices does not have to be used on Thai food and Indian spices do not require Indian food to be used successfully, I look forward to trying this Moroccan-spice pork roast for Christmas.

  10. Jellybeansbud

    The bowl he mixed the spices in 😂 but of an overkill

  11. Justin Berwick

    What would my time and temp be if I were to use tenderloin instead?

  12. Justin Krezelak

    So the question is….why when people tie meat, which the point is to make it all the same size for roasting….does every single person tie the entire thing therefore making it uneven again when all they had too do is tie off one half to match it with the other half? Isn't that self defeating? I've seen everyone from newbies to America's Test kitchen do this.

  13. John Clamshell SP

    Thank you, Chef John, for all the amazing videos.

  14. Tanja Makaryshyna

    I have a food wish! Could you make stuffed Fiori di zucca. It's Italian dish and is usually served as an appetizer. You will definitely love it!

  15. Wife said,
    "This will be Christmas Eve dinner".
    Thanks Chef John!

  16. mmmmmmmm. yummy.

  17. I'd like to see a stand up meat pie or Scotch pie plzz

  18. Ghassan Al Farra

    Moroccan spice but you forgot the hashish!

  19. Steve Ballinger

    Culinary Cleavage. Brilliant 😂

  20. Hello Friends

    I hit the, save button first, then the 👍button next. I that was okay, Chief?