Mediterranean Quinoa Salad Recipe

Would you like to try quinoa but not sure how to prepare it? Michele shares a quinoa salad with flavours from the Mediterranean. Our Mediterranean Quinoa Salad is delicious and good for you too!

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  1. This looks good, thank you an GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!

  2. Love your kitchen ;)

  3. Jeniffer Molina

    This gives me ideas for my own version! Definitely make my own dressing and low sodium everything. But, she made a false statement. The part of Quinoa we eat is NOT a grain. It is a seed, which is why it is gluten free. 

  4. yummy delish

  5. Janice Witzke

    thank you  for  no rude language, much appreciation, i findit hard to watch someones  cvhannel who uses  profanity to  express, them selves, so im saying God  bless you,

  6. so processed and unhealthy!  Cook your Quinoa in water, and make your own dressing from home without preservatives and use feta or goat feta from a more trusted source than Kraft.  Good idea with the recipe, but not executed as healthy as it could be. This is just a promo for Kraft products, who have over and over shown us they care about profits first, then our health.

  7. So delicious, càn u write down the recipe?

  8. Abraham Kohler

    love it

  9. Looks good….will try

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