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Millions of Brazilians eat pastel as a quick lunch, a mid-morning or afternoon snack to make it through until dinner. Also, they are good when you are passing time at the market, a street fair or at the beach.

On a Saturday in the State of Sao Paulo here in Brazil pastel is a food that you will find many people enjoying. Brazilian Pastel is a typical dish, consisting usually of a rectangle-shaped thin crust pie with assorted fillings. Pastel dough is crispier than that of empanada dough, with a texture more like that of a spring roll, and it is deep fried in vegetable oil. The result being a delicious, crispy, fried turnover snack. Most places you will see common fillings such as ground beef, mozzarella cheese, heart of palm, catupiry cream cheese, chicken and shrimp.

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  1. o pastel .. ou a massa do pastel chegou ao Brasil com os chineses… muito antes dos japoneses.

  2. Renata Johnson

    Humm it looks delicious!! I want to eat "pastel" too!! Unfortunately we do not have "pastel" here in Belém city..

  3. Daniel Lopez Dias

    Hi MJ, thank you very much for your videos, they show the real thing, ie, what a traveller can really expect to find here, and as we can see in this video, brazilian "pastel" is really popular in Brazil.