Living in Brazil – LOCAL APARTMENT TOUR in Belém | Accommodation For $67.60 Per Night!

Living in Brazil - LOCAL APARTMENT TOUR in Belém | Accommodation For .60 Per Night!

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Belém, State of Pará, Brazil – During our trip to Brazil, one of my favorite cities that we visited was Belém, an amazing city in the State of Pará, in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil. The food and lifestyle in Belém is fantastic.

We traveled along with Guilherme and Rafa from Rio4Fun (), so we were 5 adults total, and so it made sense to rent an apartment for our 5 day stay. It was well worth it, in a good location, very spacious, and with a full kitchen so we could cook and make coffee.

For this 3 bedroom house in Brazil, we paid .60 per night (5 adults). This is a great deal, especially considering that Brazil is really not a cheap country to travel in.

Açaí Puro Pará – After the full house tour of living in Brazil, we walked over to Açaí Puro Pará to eat some açaí, a daily staple in Pará. Açaí – 18 BRL (.09) per liter (but they said during açaí season, prices are much lower).

Thank you for watching, and many more travel guides, tips, and reviews coming!

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  1. James Blackledge

    Cool, but no hot water? I didn't consider that an amenity, until now

  2. Hi.. the neting on the balcony is to avoid accidents for kids, pets, folks falling down the building 💚💛💚💛

  3. You got actually robbed tho

  4. sorry to say but you got scammed just for being a foreigner. Too expensive for the day.

  5. Uh yaaa!! Brazil is full of crime!! Good luck. Wear nothing of value friend!!!

  6. tudo pra melhor

    You are in my hometown 💓🔥 💓😍. Thank you Mark!!!

  7. Anne Rimena Burette

    Would love that you come once in Mauritius

  8. Joyce Gonçalves

    Man you are the best! Hahaha you really appreciate all kind of food and it is impossible people not to be friendly with you.
    I miss having some açaí in Brazil.

  9. First of all I have to tell you that I love watching all your videos. Mark you should go to Mauritius so that you can show the rest of the world….

  10. U got rip off

  11. Richard Irala

    Of course it's dangerous, you visited the worst states in Brazil like Rio for example, even us Brazilians never want to go to those places, my state is pretty safe (I live in the capital of the state) and I often go out and let my doors and windows opened and never happened anything bad and I also go out late at night and I've never been robbed before.

  12. This channel deserved more viewers and subscriber. I think it's very easy for Mark Weins to gain subscriber of 'Mark Abroad'. But as I know, he never talked about 'Mark Abroad' in his channel. Why?

  13. Lauro Africa

    Jesus Mark. Even for us brazilians this is quite awful. Not a $67.60 place for sure on brazilian airbnb market. Sory about that.

  14. Dora Minshull

    Hi Mark, the net is there to prevent pets or children to climb the railings and fall off to the ground.

  15. My hubby is from Victoria Brazil 🇧🇷 estpisto santo the city

  16. Megg Miranda

    Come to São Paulo!

  17. That net is for safety, so nobody can fall over.

  18. Yves Dantas Neves

    At 11:20 you can see the reason brazilian people are diferent species and need to be studied by NASA. The apartment owner had a door lock made for the opposite side and instead of buying a new one, he just turned it upside down and used it anyway. This is a realy good example of what the so callled "jeitinho brasileiro" means, wich is finding creative or kind solutions to solve everyday problems that arise. As you all can see, it may be kind of controversial, as it is used for every single aspect of the people lives. About those nets, people use it in case they have animals in the apartment (the owner probaly had one), preventing accidents. It is mainly used by people who create cats. Greetings from Brazil

  19. Arthur Guilherme

    Esse elevador é igual o do meu prédio

  20. Jonathan Reyes

    4:07 – "Homely" and "homey" are kind of antonyms, in this context. Homely means unattractive. Homey means cozy.