Lemon and Honey Chicken Recipe Dinner

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  1. too much honey

  2. too much honey

  3. sicelybonton@gmail.com 5150nate

    aint nobody got time to be arguing over some petty shit. that been hella long ago, let it go

  4. Maleka Smith

    What kind of sides

  5. sicelybonton@gmail.com 5150nate

    You didnt wash your hands before touching everything. I would have gave you a thumbs up. But im type person that washes theirs hands after touching anything.

  6. Too much honey! Isnt it too sweet? And u barely added lemon!

  7. Kimberly Johnson

    Thanks. Saw your site. There were so many recipes in no particular order though that I couldn't find amounts or temp for oven for this one on there.

  8. Thank U! it's amazing…now I know what to cook for Christmas dinner. My friends also asked me to cook several dishes from Mirianna https://coursmos.com/course/making-easy-christmas-dinner?utm_source=seedcnv&utm_medium=social&utm_content=10&utm_campaign=sd 

  9. Jesus3you3reigh

    Diabetes type 100

  10. Jesus3you3reigh

    Salmonella are everywhere!!!!!

  11. Chef Ricardo Cooking


  12. Jocys Kitchen

    This just made me really hungry! haaahaa!! Great vid!

  13. Chef Ricardo Cooking

    Thank you so much !!!!Looks so good! I've got to try this! #subscribed 🙂

  14. Jocys Kitchen

    Looks so good! I've got to try this! #subscribed 🙂

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