Korean fried chicken recipe (English Caption: 영어자막)

Korean fried chicken recipe (English Caption: 영어자막)

full recipe is on my website: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/yangnyeom-tongdak
Spicy Korean fried chicken! When I lived in Korea, this type of chicken was called yangnyeom-tongdak. As I mentioned in the video, yangnyeom means “seasoned” and tongdak means “a whole chicken.” Traditionally a small whole chicken was cut into chunks, coated in batter or dried ingredients, fried, and mixed with a sweet, sour, and spicy sauce.


  1. What is rice syrup? Can I replace it with other ingredients?

  2. I love you u are so cute I love your accent and your recipes are amazing I've made different ones and my family loves them but their favorite is the Korean fried chicken they love it than you so much your awesome <3

  3. JadeStrawberry

    I could almost smell it cooking thru the screen. It looks so good.

  4. You're sooo pretty and this looks delicious!

  5. Hi Maangchi!  I have a gluten sensitivity and can't have regular flour.  Can I just make it all with the rice flour?

  6. ronphilbeckpottery

    I visited Korea last month for first time.  I loved it!! Esp. the food and the wonderful people there.  You're videos are great.  I love the captions.  I just bought your cook book as well.  I am now able to cook some Korean dishes thanks to you!!

  7. Travis Hoffman

    Is the garlic for the sauce optional? I myself am not a fan of garlic…

  8. I prepared just yesterday wowwww amazing chicken but the salsa was just Heaven!!!!! Thank uuuuu so much

  9. Niyah Gardner

    I'm starving from watching this

  10. zozo barnabas

    you're so beautiful thank you

  11. I'm going to try it☺️

  12. Rashmii Goelela

    Can I live with you?..
    Have to try this dish
    Thank you :)

  13. Bintang Syafia Maharani

    Where can i find black bean paste?

  14. Aramis Da don

    Cooking this..great vid coming from florida


    Hi Maangchi I'm a Cook and I'm from Vietnam's I adore Korean style food really so I want to learning Korean food do you tell me know how to learn and all the food Korean style and then i want to work in Korea's the someone know Hotel vacancies let's me know Thank you so much..

  16. Prasanth Prasanth

    Great cooking…….

  17. how "hot" is the hot pepper paste? i can't eat spicy food. whats a good replacement?

  18. suman chakraborty

    i love dae han min kuk……………and most of the dishes lihe thak toorri tang,kimchi chige,chonguk chang, also a lot…………………………

  19. HallGamingKing

    ah man if you was my mother :D

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