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Adventurous and adorable kids give us an entree into the world’s array of foods and snacks.

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Kids Try Brazilian Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

HiHo Kids
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  1. Brazilian food? Try again

  2. the carajé seems to be burnt ewww

    And Pão de queijo doesn't look the same as here.
    Sorry guys

  3. Renata Silva

    Acarajé is overcooked
    I love that smoothie too Crystal ❤👌

  4. Bro this acarajé it's so wrong

  5. Acho que esse acarajé tá um POUCO queimado…

  6. Mano esse acarajé nem oxalá aceitaria.

  7. I’m Brazilian and I’ve haven’t heard of some of these foods

  8. Instead of searching about the food, u just gave random stuff that we don't even eat, I mean, google it's not evil guys, you should use it

  9. David Mateus

    Quem fez essas comidas, fez errado kkkkkkkk

  10. I am Brazilian and that was not a pão de queijo!🙄 And the Acarajé I ate was not that stiff! What did you guys put in that recipe!

  11. Melissa Kasim

    I see Madoox, I click! I hope to see more of this smart and extra kid, never boring!

  12. that "acarajé" is offensive

  13. Sergej Farkaš


  14. Arlenzia Kertokarijo

    Can you try surinaams food

  15. Hi, Can you try Sopa de macaco? I heard that it's a delight!

  16. Came to comment how these food are so NOT the way it's supposed to be, but as so many people did, it's not necessary. However many Brazilians said they don't eat them usually, actually I believe it depends on the region, because I drink vitamina de abacate since I was a child (I'm from Minas Gerais, in the southeast region). Actually when I was a kid I did drink it while eating pão de queijo (I was a weird kid). The seafood food are more usual in the northeast region but in my city there's a famous typical restaurant from Bahia (northeast region) and the food is pretty different than those on the video. I can tell that many people eat acarajé and bobó de camarão in my city, it's not an unusual food in here. Every Sunday morning hundreds of people eat acarajé at Feira Hippie here in Belo Horizonte.

    The brigadeiro seems about right, but as much as the others recipes it's hard to tell if it's prepared as we do in here.

    I invite all involved in the video's production to come to Brazil and taste the real version of these and other foods. I'm pretty sure that if you go to the right places you will love the food. If anybody goes to Belo Horizonte (best town in Brazil) I can show the yellow brick road.

  17. Davi Gonçalves

    Not is pão de queijo is aqui é Brasil porra

  18. Devi Nabilah

    i hate maddox tbh

  19. Ivone Fonseca

    BRASILLLLLLLLLLL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💙💙💙💙💙

  20. This isn’t right!!!!!! Omg