Kadai Chicken Authentic Punjabi Dhaba Style Recipe video by Chawla’s Kitchen

Kadai Chicken Authentic Punjabi Dhaba Style Recipe. Watch https://youtu.be/c_34T6nGn_A to learn how to make Kadai Chicken at home the Authentic Dhaba Style.

Kadai Chicken is a Delectable Punjabi Main course Dish of Chicken



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  1. Risa J. Jean

    Thanks a lot to you for creating this video.
    I like to eat this kind of  food.
    Can you give me any kind of e-book?
    From here http://www.paleorecipetips.info I get a free e-book

  2. u ddnt marinate d chckn????

  3. clean ur kadahi man its so dirty specially near the handles..you r on you tube .. ppls r watching… it gives bad empression bout we indians.. take care bout the hygiene we r in 21st century

  4. pinky kureel

    I like this recipe. … Thanks. …

  5. davindEr KAUR

    Fantastic recipe. ….. r u her husband???….. 

  6. nice nice …. hungry now 

  7. Hi, great recipe but what bus 1 and a half and 2 lb in grams or kgs 

  8. bro, amazing chicken dish.. but u just made it KADAI PANEER also at 5th min.. good one buddy 😉 !!

  9. Thanks mate !! I was wondering to make such a category of chicken 

  10. Joy Duran Qureshi

    this is a new recipe for me, i'll try this today thanks

  11. Minto Michael

    Nice Veerji…

  12. hi thnks -nice and easy to make-looks delicious—must try it out today

  13. Too much oil man but looks fab

  14. awwww… You talk cute. Thanks for the recipe.

  15. Olicharlie Yhap

    Delicious. I am going to cook for my family today. 

  16. Sieberliebangbang

    i have the same shirt. my sis send it for me from Florida to netherlands xD

  17. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe. Indians like us abroad DO NEED IT!! It's our only hope to survive far away from India. ha ha!! 😀
    God speed!!

  18. Gurpreet Singh

    Very tasty recipe

  19. ayesha samia

    I tired it out for dinner… And everyone liked it alot 🙂 it was a hit!!! 😉 thank you… It's simple easy and divine

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