Jamaican Steamed Fish Recipe Video

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My name is Fay DeLeon and I’m a Jamaican grandmother who loves to cook for her family. I started making cooking lesson videos to teach my daughters how to make traditional Jamaican recipes for their families. Please subscribe to my Channel and join me on the journey… lots more recipes to come.
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  1. wat is the song called at the start of the video ?

  2. This is an extremely tasty and easy  recipe. Jamaican cuisine is really taking off here in the UK. Even here in Scotland, you can eat Jamaican food.

  3. Just made this for the first time for my family today and they LOVED IT!! Thanks so much for sharing :-)

  4. Skywacket39 Skywacker

    But you never tell them fe cut the fish and scrape out the guts and ting before dem cook it!!!

  5. Skywacket39 Skywacker

    Yes miss me ago try this later fi me sunday dish with lilly rice and mash potatoe and veg.Thank you you save me day.

  6. Maurice Hudson

    Just made this came out prefect thanks

  7. Prenesha Robinson

    What is the name of the pepper sauce that you are using

  8. qwaine mondesir

    What did you wash your fish with? How long did you soak your fish?

  9. Ardent Dfender

    Great dish. This dish is just as great if you also browned fried the fish first and then stew it the same way after also.

  10. Farida Ramdhanie

    I have tried this steamed fish recipe, my my, it was great!
    Thanks to you Madam! I love it!

  11. Gonna try this over Xmas 

  12. Dier'e Designs

    I was raised by my grandmother….ahhhhh…I love this lady! Once I get to watching food prep videos, I have to watch some done by her. Blessings.

  13. Farida Ramdhanie

    Great cooking! Definitely, am going to try this recipe!

  14. Did it fill u up with most of the fish being bones

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