Inside FAVELAS of Rio de Janeiro – BRAZILIAN FOOD TOUR + National Dish of Brazil!

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Food in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro! #RiodeJaneiro #BrazilianFood #favela

Favela – An unregulated, informal neighborhood in Brazil. There are estimates of as many as 1,000 favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many of the favelas in Rio de Janeiro are full cities within themselves, where nearly everything is available.

It’s without a doubt that a lot of crime and organized underground criminal activity happens and is controlled in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. However, favelas across Brazil are home to some of the most hard working, friendly, happy, and creative people in Brazil as well. So in this video my goal was to meet and to highlight some of the amazing people that call favelas home.

Rocinha – The first favela we visited was Rocinha, the biggest favela in Rio, one of the biggest in Brazil. We met up with Guilherme who took us on a walking tour to some viewpoints and to some Brazilian food places.

Sabor da Roça – The most well known little snack shop on this street in Rocinha, we stopped for a coxinha, one of the top Brazilian food snacks. It was packed with chicken and with some hot sauce it was amazing.
Price – 2.5 BRL (.63)

For lunch we stopped at an alleyway restaurant in Rocinha, where he cooked up a lunch set included beef ribs, cassava, pasta, rice, and beans. It was simple, but delicious and hearty.
Price – 10 BRL (.52)

Morro da Providência – Favela number two is one of the first favelas of Rio and located in downtown Rio de Janeiro, near the port and up on a hill on the side of the cliff. We met up with Jura, who is an absolute Brazilian food cooking legend and an amazing person.

One of Jura’s most famous dishes is nhoque de camarão, an Italian but Brazilian potato noodles in Jura’s own creation sauce of shrimp and coconut milk. It was simply outstanding, all made from scratch.

But the dish I was most interested in eating and which Jura expertly cooked, again from scratch was her feijoada – often considered the national dish of Brazil, and one of my personal favorite foods of Brazil as well – there are few dishes of the world more comforting than beans and pig parts with rice. When you’re in Brazil, you can eat feijoada at many restaurants, but home-cooked is by far the best.

Thank you Jura and Elena!!

This was one of the best days I had in Brazil in terms of learning, meeting people, and food, and it’s an experience and memories I’ll never forget.

You hear a lot of the negative that comes out of favelas in Brazil, and it is true. However, the positive side and the amazing people, are not often recognized, and it was truly memorable to see and learn about this side of hope in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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  1. Note: This video also includes Portuguese subtitles. Thank you for watching, and you can watch all the Brazil food videos on this playlist:

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