Ingrid Dishes | California Chicken Salad | Recipes from Missglamorazzi

Ingrid Dishes | California Chicken Salad | Recipes from Missglamorazzi

Ingrid Nilsen aka Missglamorazzi shares how to make her personal recipe for Caifornia Chicken Salad – complete with delicious avocado and clementines. This flavorful salad is a fun and healthy dish to share with friends. Make sure to check back on PSGG for more episodes of Ingrid Dishes!

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  1. Scarlettredtea

    I hope she washed her hands immediately after touching the raw chicken (salmonellae). Because the salad won't get cooked as a hole.

  2. My fav salad is romaine with dried cherries, goat cheese, bacon, and Caesar dressing

  3. lisette Laanela

    Omg, i've made this several times now, it's my faave!!

  4. Sharifapatel 29133

    Could u 0lz pkz make chocolate fudge

  5. yumin haleem mohamed

    I experiment with salads. And this is my favourite one:
    What you need:
    Salt and pepper
    What to do:
    Put some water into a pot, and cook the sausages until they rise to the top. While they're cooking, cut your veggies, but don't add them to the bowl yet. Leave them in a separate bowl. When your sausages cool, cut them into small pieces, and add a LITLLE into your salad bowl. Then add a bit of the veggies. Some more sausage, then veggies, and so on. Mix together and season with salt and pepper.
    It tastes so good. My own recipe.

  6. thecrazyfangirl

    Is a clementine a mandarin?

  7. Jennifer Pedraza

    that is a really small avocado

  8. I love a Santa Fe kinda salad with rosted corn and chicken

  9. Jennifer Long

    I love chicken, apple, spinach and cucumber in a salad. With some balsamic vinegar and olive oil A-MAZ-ING!

  10. Francesco Versace

    I wanna touch your hair and eat your recipe on your naked body.

    Real Fan

  11. PrincessOfMarineLife

    i really cant wait to try this salad recipe!

    my favorite salad is my own weird recipe, i just added what i like and it tastes awesome. i love to use Baby Spinach, i always prefer it to salad, add in some grilled chicken, shredded cheese, olives, carrots, and when i can get away with it, hard boiled eggs and a little bit of bacon bits. and as for dressing ranch, but what i like to do is after i chop up my carrots i mix it in with the ranch then pour it on my salad, cause whats better then carrots and ranch?

  12. I really like your cooking vidoes, I especially love the healthy ones!

  13. Sarah Mortensen

    If I'm buying an already made salad i like to get a chicken ceasar salad. If I'm making my own I like to get some iceburg lettuce, spinach leaves, cut up celerey, uncooked
    mushrooms, peperonis slices, crab meat, olives, baby corn, raisins, ranch dressing, and sunflower seeds to top it off.

  14. RuralBreakfast

    Now that's a big salad :P

  15. Savannah Healey

    I'm really partial to Cesar salads. I don't really like garden salads. But a tip if you are making Cesar salads adding fresh cooked bacon to it gives it a much nicer taste then store bought bacon bits.

  16. you should try lemon pepper on your chicken and sliced almonds without the avocado. childhood fav   

  17. DoubleDiamondStudio

    Super, great filming and photography, editing and production…and the salad looked great as well. 

  18. I'm disappointed with Ingrid! She is not creating these. You can find them in old cook books from 2004!

  19. Inhospitable Savannah

    Lettuce (red lollo and green), arugula, bell peppers (all colors), mozarella cheese, cherry tomatoes and a dressing of lemon, olive oil and balsamic cream. YUM!

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